God’s Faithfulness Tour with Ray & Jill Lockhart 21–31 May 2021

A Shoresh Study Tour hosted by Ray & Jill Lockhart 21–31 May 2021

God’s Faithfulness Tour

This is a great opportunity to join Revd Ray Lockhart and Mrs Jill Lockhart on a tour focusing on the Faithfulness of God.

Ray & Jill lived in Israel during the 1980s and 1990s and had a well respected minstry.  What they do not know about Israel is not worth knowing!  They have led many tours over the years, well into double figures, and have experience and understanding that will make this particular tour second to none.  They are alos a very caring couple so you know from the beginning to the end you will be in very good hands, whether that is seeking information, having some to pray with you, or just wanting to have a good time in the hotel in the evening.

Please see the brochures for full information.


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