Become a Shoresh Study Tours Group Leader!

Shoresh Study Tours are on the lookout for potential group leaders!

The first question will be “Why Shoresh?  Why not another company?”  Shoresh are unique in the Israel market with its focus on looking specifically at the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and using guides that are specially trained in this field.  We also, where possible, use guides that are believers in the Lord Jesus, not just people doing a job.

No experience is necessary.  We can provide you with all the guidance and support you need from beginning to end and help as much or as little as you need us to.

Start with considering whether or not you have a nucleus of people from which you can begin to recruit.  We can advertise the tour more widely in the hope that we will be able to attract other people to join your group too.

Next think about the dates you would like to come to Israel.  Try to block out Christian and Jewish festivals, e.g. Easter, Chanukah, Jewish New Year etc., as they tend to be very expensive and very busy.  Spring is generally a good time to go if you want to see the deserts blooming and the flowers, autumn for the barrenness of the desert and the smaller chance of rain – both have their advantages.  Summer is generally far too hot for UK visitors to tour.

For the itinerary, you will be sent a couple of our favourite ones which we know work.  You are , however, not obliged to follow those.  You can mix and match, add and delete to make it exactly what you want it to be.  We will only overrule if something is suggested the is feasibly impossible.

MIB Travel will prepare brochures and booking forms for you and will advertise the tour on our own website, as well as it appearing on the Shoresh Study Tours website and the CMJ UK website.  MIB Travel will handle all bookings and administration connected with the tour, so you have very little to do except send out brochures and liaise with your group nearer the time of departure.  We can even put you in touch with an experienced leader to pick their brains.

Once the tour is full, all you need to do is meet your group at the UK airport and then the guide will take over on arrival in Israel and be there until you depart.  You are welcome to input Scripture and observations as you go along, but all on the ground administration and explanations of sites is done by the guide.

To repeat, you can be involved as little or as much as you want.  We have had many first time tour leaders, but we also have a number if incredibly experienced tour leaders.

For more details please email the UK agent for Shoresh Study Tours, Revd Mark K Madeley on


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