The Board of Trustees

CMJ UK is lead by a Board of Trustees made up of people from across the UK who share a heart to bring the good news of Messiah to the Jewish People.

The Trustees
Photo of Wendy Scott
Wendy Scott
Wendy is a trainer/consultant running her own company in the Midlands and has been involved with CMJ since 1986, first serving as a Trustee in the mid-90s and again since 2012. Her prayer is to see the work of CMJ UK grow and develop, continuing to fulfil the calling since 1809, to be a witness to the Jewish Messiah.
Photo of Rufus Barnes
Rufus Barnes
Vice Chair
Rufus Barnes attended Bible School in Jerusalem in 1992-3 during which time he came into contact with CMJ through Christ Church. He has served as a Trustee of CMJ UK at various times since and, after a 4 year break, was re-elected in 2019. He is now Vice-Chair. He has also served as Vice-Chair on the Board of CMJ Israel.
Photo of Rev Canon Phil Harris
Rev Canon Phil Harris
Phil is an Episcopal Priest serving as Canon to the Presiding Bishop of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches (CEEC) for the UK. Phil also serves on the Leadership Commission of the Order of St Leonard as Canon for Formation and Training. For many years Phil was bivocational where he chaired an International business and has a passion for Israel
Photo of Rosa Blandford
Rosa Blandford
Board Member
Rosa has a BA Hons in Applied Theology and has served with CWI and the local Council of Christians and Jews. She led a Shoresh tour to Israel and is a CMJ Rep, speaking in 50 churches a year. She has attended many LCJE Conferences, and founded and co-wrote Bible studies for a Jewish/Gentile group.
Photo of Liz Woods
Liz Woods
Board Member
Having taught for 11 years in London, I went to Israel for 5 months as a volunteer at the Garden Tomb in 1992 and stayed for 21 years! During that time I had responsibility for its reception & shop, group bookings and staff scheduling. I returned to the UK in 2013 and became a CMJ UK trustee in 2014.
Photo of Alison Marchant
Alison Marchant
Board Member
Alison, a retired Social Worker, has been closely involved with Israel for over 40 years. She volunteered and worked in Jerusalem for 9 years, setting up various aid projects while worshipping, and later worked at Christ Church, in both the Guest House and Church; setting up the Christ Church Mercy Fund, among other projects. Returning to the UK to care for her mother she became a trustee of CMJ in 1994 and has continued with a short break since then. She organised the Annual Conference twice and oversaw the move from St Albans to Eagle Lodge. She has led Shoresh tours to Israel and helped with a couple to Eastern Europe, and regularly visits friends and colleagues in Israel. She teaches on the Biblical Festivals and Covenants, and works to encourage interest and prayer for what God is doing. She is also a Lay Reader in her church.
Photo of Rev Cameron Collington
Rev Cameron Collington
Board Member
Cameron is Vicar of St Simon’s in Shepherds Bush, West London. His attention was first drawn to CMJ when on a gap year in Israel in 1993, he felt the call to ordination in the Church of England when he attended Christ Church, Jaffa Gate on Resurrection Day that year. He realised the strong links with the organisation and that the Rector was none other than Ray Lockhart, now President of CMJ UK. Many years later, he returned to the Land in 2012 on a sabbatical and had a sense of conviction about God’s heart for Israel and wanted to get involved. One trip, a conference and a pile of books later, he was asked to become a trustee. He is married to Caroline and they have five children who all love Israel.
Photo of Joy Sims
Joy Sims
Board Member
I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know the gospel. Although my parents were not church goers, I was sent to Sunday school from the age of four- a Sunday School led by a Jewish Believer.

I finally came to faith in my teens and began attending the church that had run my childhood Sunday school. Not only did we still get input from the Sunday school leader but during our outreach, one of our Jewish friends came to faith.

When I went to university in Cardiff, not only was the Assistant Minister of the Church I attended a Jewish believer but so were two successive presidents of the Christian Union. It was a long time before I realised how unusual this was! I returned to the Midlands, started teaching and became friends with a third generation Jewish Believer who introduced me to a small fellowship group being started by CMJ’s Henry Knight. This group was eventually to become Beit HaGafen and I had the privilege of leading it for a while whilst working for CMJ in the Midlands.

After I married, I moved to Harrow, a much more Jewish area and have had the privilege of worshipping at Beit Yeshua (a fellowship planted by Ralph Goldenberg) for many years now.

My desire is still to help to build the body of Messiah here in the UK and to see more of my Jewish (and Gentile) friends come to faith in Yeshua
Photo of Ralph Goldenberg
Ralph Goldenberg
Board Member
My name is Ralph Goldenberg and I was born in Khartoum, Sudan, into an Orthodox Jewish Family.

My maternal grandfather was Chief Rabbi Solomon Malka of the Sudan.. I grew up in a normal, Orthodox Jewish family (eg bar mitzvah at 13 years of age) and happy in my faith.

I came to England aged 17 to attend a liberal Jewish boarding school Whittingham College in Brighton. It is there that I began to move away from my strict, Orthodox Jewish tradition. After taking my A’ Levels I went on to The City University, London, to study Optometry. There I met my wife Helen (then a nominal Christian). In time, we got married and set up a home in Ferndown. I developed two successful Optometric practises one in Ferndown Health Centre the other in Parkstone, Poole Dorset.

Over the years I became successful, in worldly terms, I had enough money to provide a luxurious home, with a tennis court and an indoor swimming pool for Helen and our 3 boys. However, still nominally a Jew, I felt an unsatisfied hunger for a real knowledge of God. In 1980 friends from Round Table who were committed Christians witnessed to Helen and I. I yearned to experience the relationship with God which they obviously enjoyed.
I approached the local Vicar, full of questions who encouraged me to read the New Testament! He lent some books to read. He then came to see me and when he prayed for me I was eventually led to read the New Testament for myself; I was amazed by ‘how Jewish it was’; written by Jews for Jews, with all the Jewish feasts and traditions that I grew up with and came to the realisation that Jesus could be the Jewish Messiah. I prayed that if Jesus is the Jewish Messiah I needed someone to describe Him as YHWH and was alive. The next day Sunday I went to St Mary’s Church when a singing Curate taught the congregation a new song “Jesus is alive today”. Wow God answered my prayer with over 200 people declaring that truth. This was the start of a time of searching to find out more about the new faith, which had found me. In St Mary’s Church Ferndown where I was ‘born again’ I became involved with leading Pathfinders, leading a home group, churchwarden etc. There is much more to my story including difficulties in telling my Jewish parents about my conversion and especially my decision to leave a successful career and train for the Anglican ministry.

Even when I took the tremendous step of selling up everything and moving to Bristol to attend Theological College, I had doubts about being ordained. Three months before my ordination I went on a mission with the college where after a meeting someone felt compelled to lay hands on me because God had a message for me. As he prayed in tongues, to my amazement, the man spoke in Sudanese Arabic, confirming God’s call on my life! As the man in question had no knowledge at all of Arabic, I could no longer doubt that God did, indeed want me to go forward into the ministry.
I started my ministry as Curate in St Andrews Church, Kinson, with Rev Vic Barron and I led a team in setting up a church plant in the Kinson Parish. Then I ministered in St Andrew’s Church, Edgware where we carried out a major refurbishment of the Church building which had not been updated for 60 years. This certainly challenged the Jewish community around us. I was then invited to become Team Vicar of Christ Church Roxeth, Harrow for 5 years. We also set up a Church plant there and undertook a £250,000 major refurbishment. This followed a 9 year successful ministry as Vicar of Christ Church, Bayston Hill leading a ‘Cell Church’ of 240 on the electoral roll. We were greatly blessed to see many healings and miracles during our time in the Church. During my time in Shrewsbury I also chaired the annual Renewal Conference which took place in Lichfield Cathedral; I chaired the trustees of the local ‘Night shelter’ and I led the ecumenical ‘Mission Shrewsbury’.

Having reached the ‘young’ age of 65 I decided to retire in June 2010. I am not sure what the future holds for Helen and I but I believe God has wonderful plans for us. I feel that it has been an adventure with Jesus and love to share my faith with everyone as well as build up and disciples others. My wife Helen has been a wonderful support throughout my ministry and her many gifts compliment mine.
I first heard of CMJ through Rev. John Fieldsend in 1985 and have bee a supporter over the past 35 years, and a trustee for many years. St Paul wrote in Roman 1:16: “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes first to the Jews then to the Gentile.” Like St Paul I can say I am not ashamed of the gospel and my heart is to see the Good News spread throughout the world - to the Jew first. Paul did not say only to the Jews but to start with the Jews. Because of the roots of CMJ and its Jewish understanding of our Christian faith we are able to share the Gospel effectively with all people - to the Jews first.

Over the years I, like many CMJ representatives, have led a number of Passover Seders, taught the Jewish feasts as well as the Jewish roots of our Christian faith. Often people say how much the teaching has brought revelation to their Christian faith and how much the teaching has built up their faith. There are also a number of resources at CMJ that explain the Jewish roots of our faith including videos for children explaining the ‘Jewish feasts’, and for adults a ‘Jewish family life’ video giving insights and scriptural principles to bring God into our Christian homes.
I have often been asked to meet with Jewish people. For example, one day I was asked by a local Church to meet up with a Jewish person asking questions. It helped them to know that St Paul said in Acts22:3 “I am a Jew” not I was one. Believing in Rabbi Jesus brings fulfilment to our faith.

I commend CMJ and its ministry to Encourage those searching the Jewish Messiah, Educate Churches of the Jewish roots of our faith, Educate the Churches of the Jewish roots of our faith and Evangelism to all who are seeking (to the Jew first)
Photo of Robin Aldridge
Robin Aldridge
Israel Board Representative
I have supported CMJ since receiving a burden in 1991 to pray for Israel. Over the past two decades I have served as Chair of both the Boards of CMJ UK and CMJ Israel . After retiring as the Director of Education in the City of Nottingham I was for 3 years the unpaid CEO of CMJ. I oversaw the transfer of the ministry from St Albans to Farnsfield, the creation of the International board of CMJ Israel and and was responsible for the celebration of CMJ's bi-centenary in 2009. Sue and I also lead Shoresh tours to Israel and run Kesher courses locally and nationally and are privileged to lead a prayer for Israel group.


A photograph of our Trustees at the CMJ UK Annual Conference 2019.

Presidents and Patrons



  • President: Rev Ray Lockhart 
  • Vice Presidents: Bishop Henry Scriven, Canon Andrew White, Martin Goldsmith
  • Patron: Bishop David Evans