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Israel, the "Land of milk and honey", the "Promised Land", the Land upon which the feet of the Son of God trod as he walked 2000 years ago, the Land which literally had the presence of God dwelling within the walls of its capital city, Jerusalem. Israel is a country of wonder and beauty which literally brings the Scriptures to life as you read the stories and letters in the very location they happened. Israel is like no other country on earth, and even after you have returned home, you’ll find you left a piece of your heart there and brought a piece of it home.

So let CMJ help you plan your trip to the Land God Himself chose to live.

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Shoresh is the Hebrew word for “root” and the tours are particularly designed to help those seeking to appreciate the significance of the Jewish roots of Christianity in a context that encourages spiritual under- standing and growth. Romans 11:18 states: “Consider this: you do not support the root, but the root supports you.”

Since 1986, Shoresh, has welcomed thousands of people who want to explore a deeper awareness of the roots of their faith in the lands of the Bible. Whether this will be your first trip or you have travelled before on a Shoresh Study Tour, you will receive fresh insights into the Scriptures as you journey throughout the lands of the prophets, priests and kings. In your journey of discovery, the land is our classroom and the Bible our textbook.

"A life changing tour which showed me how much I did not know and helped me to understand the Bible better."

The Shoresh Guides are all believers in Jesus who will open up the world of the Scriptures through their extensive knowledge of biblical background and Hebrew language. Shoresh Study Tours will at times take you off the beaten track, to enable you to experience the land and the people of the Bible more fully.

In addition to the scheduled site visits, teaching sessions and discussion, we will meet believers from both Jewish and Arab communities in Israel. Opportunity is also given for personal quiet reflection and prayer to listen to the voice of God. Above all, it is our desire that during your journey you may see the Master, and that your experience will be that of the two who walked the Road to Emmaus, whose hearts burned within them as He spoke to them on the way.

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CMJ UK uses Rev Mark Madeley at MIB Travel to arrange its tours, use the form below to enquire about booking onto a tour or visit the MIB Travel website.

Another great source of tour information is on the Shoresh Tours page of the CMJ Israel website.


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