We are an evangelistic mission agency trying to impact the Jewish people with the truth about Messiah Yeshua, until the day “all Israel will be saved” (Romans 11:26)

Upcoming Events from CMJ UK

5 Dec 2019

Bible Comes To Life: Fleckney Baptist Church

The Bible Comes to Life Exhibition is headed to Leicester!

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24 Feb 2020

Rosa Blandford Tour 2020

Come along and learn about the work of CMJ UK.

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The Latest from CMJ UK blog

24 Oct 2019

The Bible Comes to Life Exhibition at Willowfield Church, Belfast

Once again it was an absolute joy to travel to beautiful Belfast as part of the BCTL team. We set up the exhibition in Willowfield church, situated in a slightly less affluent area of East Belfast but the church is on a mission, the Lord leading the way, to transform lives in this community.

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11 Jun 2019

David Pileggi on the recent surge of anti-Semitism

David Pileggi, the rector of Christ Church Jerusalem, considers how the Western World has influenced Islamic society.

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We carry out our vision of reaching the Jewish people with the good news of Messiah Yeshua/Jesus through our three-fold ministry of Education, Evangelism and Encouragement.

The Bible Come to Life

The Bible Comes to Life is a touring exhibition that uses unique exhibition materials to teach people about living the Biblical life and gives the opportunity to experience fascinating artefacts that illustrate the foundations of our Jewish and Christian faiths.

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The Jewish Evangelism Training Course

One of the key methods of training people for evangelism is the CMJ created Jewish Evangelism Training Course. Suitable for small group study, the course offers first step training in Jewish evangelism.

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Romans 15:8

The Romans 15:8 Leaders Network offers support and encouragement to those who are involved in Jewish evangelism. Sign up to enjoy monthly news and teaching from CMJ UK CEO Alex Jacobs.

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We have a range of ways that people can be part of the work in the UK, whether you live locally or not, there are many ways to volunteer with us.

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It’s not always possible for us to physically get involved in mission and ministry, but we can always support those who are able to go where we can’t.

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There are many ways of supporting the work of CMJ, whether through prayer, financially, or formal membership.

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