JET - Jewish Engagement Training

How do we share the Gospel with Jewish people? Are there certain things we could say to make our witness more effective? What are the bridges we can build to reach Jewish people in a culturally sensitive way? The new JET course, from CMJ UK will help you find answers to these questions!

More about the course...

JET stands for Jewish Engagement Training; a free online teaching resource designed to equip Christians to better reach out to Jewish people. JET is comprised of four video modules that are short, interactive and practical.

Firstly, an introductory presentation by Rev Alex Jacob, CMJ’s CEO. Alex makes a compelling case for Christians and Churches in how to make good missional connections within Jewish contexts.

CMJ Evangelist, Oliver Sims, then brings four down-to-earth and easy to understand videos expounding the missional themes of Kingdom, Culture, Care and Calendar. In each session, Bible verses and Points for Action are given to empower you in the sometimes sensitive issues of cross-cultural mission to Jewish people. Further resources and Bible study materials are also available free to download and use. Most of the insights from the course can also be applied to a range of other evangelistic initiatives.

CMJ is Britain’s oldest Jewish mission agency dating back to 1809. As such, we have many years of valuable experience to share. CMJ continues to uphold the mission of sharing the Gospel with Jewish people - bringing the message back to the very people who gave us our Bible. CMJ has a history to celebrate and a future to declare and the JET course is an integral part of that.

Please watch the introduction below.

If you would like to watch the series of videos, please email the CMJ UK Office and we will get back to you with the login details. 

Thank you for your prayers and support.

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