Meet the Staff Team

We have a dedicated staff team at CMJ UK who work alongside a team of volunteers to help bring the good news of Messiah to the Jewish population here in the UK. With a mixture of staff working from the CMJ UK Office, making visits across the UK, or in Jewish communities, they all play a vital role in carrying out the mandate we believe God has given us.

Our Staff Team
Photo of John Brooks
John Brooks
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
John is a Nottinghamshire lad, saved at the age of 10. John has travelled widely to help other Christians: France, Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. John is married to Carol, they live in Mansfield and fellowship at Calvary Mansfield. John is a lover of hot and spicy food, his wider interests also include motorsports, travel, and Christian music.
Photo of Jane Moxon
Jane Moxon
Head of Development
After Grammar School, Jane attended a school of Speech and Drama or Screech and Trauma as she describes it. After this she was asked to become Head of RE in a Comprehensive School. A job she loved.

Later, Jane immersed herself in Church work, leading worship, preaching, and helping to devise a new morning service.

She has worked for CMJ since 2008 and loves her job which is full of variety and opportunities to teach Bible Truths about God’s Covenant with the Jewish people. She has visited Israel well over 20 times and loves the Land and the people. She thinks it is mandatory for Believers in Jesus to visit the Land where He lived and to see things through His Jewish perspective.

Jane says there was never a shred of anti-Semitism in her home and some of her early Christian influences came from people like author of The Hiding Place, Corrie Ten Boom.

Jane is 5 parts English 2 parts Lithuanian and 1 part Irish, so Jane says that makes her “an extremely polite, optimistic melancholic, with the gift of the gab”!
Image of silhouettes to represent our Community Based Evangelists
Tania and Simon
Community Based Evangelists
Tania in North London
Simon in the Midlands
Oliver Sims, Engagement Manager
Oliver Sims
Engagement Manager
Coming soon!
Photo of Lisa Boot, CMJ UK Finance Manager
Lisa Boot
Finance Manager
I’m Lisa, CMJ’s new Finance Manager! Based in the Office at Farnsfield, I am delighted to have joined a wonderful and dedicated team of staff and volunteers in this mission field. I come from a mainly commercial banking background, having also held finance roles as a Church treasurer and an overseas mission administrator.
In my part-time role as Finance Manager, I will be handling all things financial - so, if you have any queries on giving and Gift Aid, please seek me out!
I’m married to Daniel and have 3 amazing children ranging in ages between 10 and 17.
Photo of Sally-Anne Morgan, Events Manager
Sally-Anne Morgan
Events Manager
Hello, I am extremely excited to join the CMJ family and am thankful that Jesus equips me for the role of Events Manager daily. This is a completely different role from all my previous careers as working with children and families in daycare and education have been my passion until 2021 when God changed my heart and direction.
I am a Mansfield girl born and bred, moved away for a few years but came happily home. I met the Lord and became born-again at the age of 16 years. This experience was very significant as I saw something in someone…wanted what they had…only to find out it was and is our Lord and Saviour and I pray that I am like that…there is something noticeably different about me.
I am a mum, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend to many. All my relationships are very important to me and I try to put Jesus in the centre of all I do.
I look forward to seeing you all along this journey, enjoying adventures with Jesus together.
Photo of Philippa Hulett, Communications Manager
Philippa Hulett
Communications Manager
Hi, I'm Philippa working in the Office at Farnsfield and I'm delighted to be part of the Office team. Working as Communications Manager, I'll be keeping the website up to date, informing you of all things CMJ via social media and the Weekly News Update and designing much of our promotional material.
I'm married to Ian who has his own business and we have a daughter, Evangeline who's 10. Our home church is the Salvation Army. In my spare time I like to play the piano and go to music concerts and gigs - something I'm hoping to be able to do again later this year!
Over the past few years in particular, through study and the Holy Spirit, I've come to understand much more about God's purposes for Israel, prophecy and His plans for His people. Thankfully, he's not finished with me yet either.

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