Messianic Jewish Liturgical Project

Further information on the project

The seeds of this significant advocacy project were sown a few years ago when requests came from a number of Jewish Believers in Jesus seeking to have their Jewish identity ‘affirmed’ and ‘celebrated’ within their own Church communities. Following these requests, I engaged as fully as possible with a range of Jewish Believers, Church leaders, mission practitioners, and theologians as we explored issues around why and how this could (should or should not) happen.

After this extensive period of engagement and reflection there was no unanimous way forward discerned (you may not be surprised by this outcome!), yet I could see several core values and key principles which gave a foundation on which we could begin to build.

This 'building' is now taking shape and CMJ has produced two mini documents. The first gives some background information about this process and why and how the Order of Service (liturgy) has been produced. The second document is the Order of Service itself, known as an ‘Order of Service to affirm and celebrate the identity of Jewish Believers in Jesus within the Church.’

Messianic Jewish Liturgical Project

This Order of Service is a resource freely offered to Church communities and individual Jewish Believers in Jesus who believe that the Order of Service will be pastorally helpful and theologically significant. I fully appreciate that this service will not be deemed helpful or necessary by some, yet it is my hope that many will explore this resource and that it will in time be used widely. In the longer term I hope that important Church councils, Synodical authorities and ecumenical groups will give support to, and appropriate recognition of, this resource within the context of understanding and affirming the Biblical significance of Jewish Believers in Jesus in regard to ethnicity, ecclesiology, eschatology, and ongoing evangelism.

Copies of both mini documents are available for free from CMJ UK, please email detailing how many copies you require. Alternatively, the Order of Service and Background Information are both available for a donation on our online shop.

Equally, if you are a Church leader and would like to discuss this resource, please contact the CMJ UK Office

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