Celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles - By Jane Moxon

We were definitely going to build a sukkah again...

Last year we invited friends one evening, the music group another and then family to celebrate with us. We had great fun dancing and waving our lulavs to all points of the compass and up and down and chatting about the meaning of Sukkot. 

This year it was a case of Chag Covid-19 Sukkot Sameach. Undaunted the sukkah was built; we chose a different place this year.  Pleased with our choice, we decorated it.  No guests – well that is not quite true as our household comprises seven people.  Okay, the Covid 19 Rule of Six is in place - we drew lots, but no-one would leave so seven we are.  We donned jumpers, coats and anything else deemed necessary to survive dinner outside on a wet British October evening. The fire pit, so favoured by our son-in-law, daughter and family never got a look-in and once you see the pictures you will see why.  We brought the meal to the table between us, the starter for seven, brought by our daughter, came in chicken soup with traditional Kreplach (dumplings) for Sukkot.  The main course was a casserole and we ended up with two puddings, as the Apostols, I should have said, we had five of the Apostols with us, (that is their surname -you couldn’t make it up could you) also brought special Brownies covered in Halva sauce - sweet and sticky. If Sukkot is when you have a massive feast to celebrate the final in-gathering of the harvest and after the seriousness of Yom Kippur, then we really had a feast!

In-between these courses, Head of the Household (or so he thinks), Chris, endeavoured to teach the clan what Sukkot is all about.  Perhaps more than ever as the children answered all his questions and we discussed different aspects of Tabernacles we were so aware of the massive visual aid we were sitting in.  Every part of the celebration speaks of what was and what is to come. It was quite awesome and One Day in the future there will be a final in-gathering of people from every tribe and every nation on earth to come to the Messiah. We who belong to Him will sit together at the Feast.

Jane Moxon


That is very beautiful , what a lovely idea .

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