Bible Comes to Life Round-up 2019

Celebrating a wonderful year in the life of the ‘Bible Comes To Life Exhibition!’

During 2019 we held five exhibitions;

St. Albans - February

Bedgrove - May

Norwich - August

Belfast - October

Fleckney - December


Thousands of school children and adults have visited the BCTL during the year and many people told us how much they had learnt through being able to see the biblical artefacts which helped them to visualise and experience the culture and background of the Bible.

We have experienced some opposition to the exhibition on social media and in person; some citing middle eastern politics ‘what about the illegal occupation of Palestine etc’ and others from an atheistic point of view accusing us of scaring children with a vengeful god. Since 1891 the focus of the exhibition has been to retell Bible stories and introduce Jesus the Messiah. Folk can then consider what they see and hear and think about the claims He made about Himself. There is no political content in the exhibition and we don’t need it to do our job of sharing the gospel! As you can see from the the few snippets of comments from our visitors book - including from schools - those claims are unfounded!

Running the exhibition is very hard work physically and mentally but so rewarding; the team are blessed by each event and as we impart our knowledge we are stretched when the difficult questions come - from children and adults alike.

We look forward to more of what God has for us in 2020 and want to say a heartfelt

Thank You for your prayers and support for this ministry of CMJ UK.

Here are reports from two of our Station Guides, Yvonne and Naomi, on our last event of 2019 at Fleckney Baptist Church, Leicestershire.


One of the plusses this time was the fact that a whole spectrum of the village community was impacted by our presence. There were two churches involved, and the children from years 3 -6 of the primary school came along, impressing us with their high standard of discipline, politeness and engagement.

Additionally, we had a senior's coffee morning, the local tots group (one of whom, who was at most three years old, could play the shofar better than me!) and on the Thursday evening the general public, out late night shopping, flocked along, enticed by the warmth and free drinks. One gentleman had lived in Fleckney all his life and had never been inside the church.

A member of the hospitality team had tears in her eyes after the meeting on Sunday recounting to me how blessed they had been during the week.

It is always a privilege and very rewarding to be on the BCTL team.


We have had a fantastic few days in Fleckney with the Bible Comes to Life Exhibition. Sharing with others about Jesus is always a privilege, but when it’s on home turf it feels even more significant. We had over 200 children come to see us from the local village school. It was lovely to see familiar faces from both the school and public session.

One conversation I had with someone that lived local to my church was fantastic. We spoke for ages and they were able to tell me a little of their background, I was able to invite them to events happening at my church during the festive season, and they said they would be coming. Sowing seeds of Jesus love is fantastic, but being able to see the next part of the journey is special. I’m excited to see the next part of this journey and all that 2020 has for CMJ and the Bible Comes to Life Exhibition. *The contact who said they were coming to church came to the carol service and loved it. She said she’d be coming back!


Coming up for 2020 - God willing the BCTL will be at;

May - Edinburgh (TBC)

September - Aberdeen

October - Merthyr Tydfil

November - Halesowen

December - Haverhill


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