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If you agree with the core convictions of the Romans 5:18 Leaders’ Network as listed below, then sign up using the form below at the bottom of this page.

Core Convictions

  1. A clear affirmation of the ‘Biblical Jewish roots’ underpinning the Christian faith.
  2. A passionate commitment to sharing the Gospel in theologically astute and culturally relevant ways among Jewish People
  3. A deep appreciation for Messianic Jewish identity within the wider Ecclesia.
  4. A firm rejection of Replacement Theology (Supersessionism) and Two-Covenant Theology.
  5. A resolute opposing of all forms of Anti-Semitism.

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Wendy Scott
Robin Aldridge
Rufus Barnes
Rosa Blandford
Rev. Cameron Collington
Rev. Ralph Goldenberg
Rev. Canon Phil Harris
Alison Marchant
Joy Sims
Liz Woods

Rev. Ray Lockhart, President
Bishop David Evans, Patron



John Brooks
Alan Bowell
Jane Moxon
Paul Hames
Janey Hames
Marie Wheeler
Philippa Hulett

Others in the Network

Rev.  Canon Lisa Battye
John Bronnert
Peter Clarke
Graham Cotter
Roger Derbridge
Alfred Entwisle
David Evans
Shirley Fraser
Bryen Gaskell
Chris Gbenle
Kenneth Gordon
Graham Green
Rodney Green
Pam Harvey
Richard Hill
Lesley Holman
Revd. Canon John Hunter
Revd Chris Jackson
Rev. John Kinchin-Smith
Rev. Mark Madeley
John McCammon
Peter Nicholson
Michael Paddison
Rev. Tim Price
Rev. Greg Price
Peter Ratcliffe
Andrew Reid
Hugh Robinson
Martin Stevens
Samuel Thomas
Max Wigley
Rev. Chris Kemshall
Rev. John Hardaker
Simon Lissak
Dr. Richard Harvey
Gbenga Michael Ajewole
Anthony Allen
Samuel John Beggs
Elizabeth Bentley
Thomas Blackwell
Frank Booth
Alison Bowell
Philip Bowell
Carol Brooks
Aileen Callender
John Chorlton
John Chow
Revd. Peter Clarkson
Susan Clegg
Dominique Clem
Thomas Constantini
Michelle Cotton
Shoshanah Crookes
Jennie Cunningham
Varad Daniel
Billy Davidson
Patricia Davidson
Dr. Tony Davies
Alison Davies
Paul Diamond
Iain Dixon
Christine Edgington
Alex Emery
Thomas Fretwell
Geoff Gale
Carole Garner
Tamara Hart
Paul Hocking
Jason Hyland
Elizabeth Jackson
Linda Jackson
Mandy Jacob
Sarah Jacob
Pat Jamie
Shumaila Javed
Audrey Johnson

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