God's Unfailing Word Publication

A Response from CMJ UK

You can read a response here in the form of an open letter from our CEO, Rev. Alex Jacob on The Church of England's publication, God's Unfailing Word.

If you'd like to purchase Rev. Alex Jacob's accompanying Study Guide, please visit our shop page. If you'd like to order several copies, please call the Office on 01623 883960. We'd be very happy to offer you a deal on postage. If you are a member of the Romans 15:8 Blog, please get in touch for your free copy.

You can find a 6 part video series to go along side the study guide below.

If you would like to contact Alex direct in response to the publication or study guide, please email alexj@cmj.org.uk

Accompanying Videos to the Study Guide

Part 1: Introduction and Theological Frameworks - A Difficult History

Part 2: Theological Frameworks - A Distinctive Relationship

Part 3: Critical Issues - Mission and Evangelism

Part 4: Critical Issues - Teaching and Preaching

Part 5: Critical Issues - The Land of Israel

Part 6: Critical Issues - Ethical Discernment and Concluding Remarks

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