Obituary of Joan Crooks

Joan Crooks (AISJ Primary Teacher):

Joan Crooks (AISJ Primary Teacher): We were saddened to hear of the passing of the redoubtable Joan Crooks on 13th October 2021. Her funeral was in Durham Cathedral where she settled when she retired to the UK from Jerusalem. They described her as “a dedicated missionary, teacher, student of theology and devoted friend of St John’s College and Cranmer Hall. She worshipped at the Cathedral and died after a short illness, aged 94”. Joan taught in several parts of the Middle East. John Chorlton writes: “She came to the Anglican School just before her 60th birthday. She had a quiet disposition, a sweet soft voice, and was loved by children and parents; this disguised her inner strength that had helped her survive Eritrea and Lebanon.” She is fondly remembered by staff and students who knew her.

Written by Alison Marchant.

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