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The minutes of the AGM for 2014 held at High Leigh Conference centre are now available on the password protected prayer area.  For more information, please contact Jacki on or ring 01623 883960.


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Praying for the Middle East

CMJ has always been, and remains, a Christian ministry whose primary concern is the spiritual rebirth of Jewish people. The current turmoil in the Middle East is affecting Jewish people in many ways. Jewish Israelis (as well as non-Jewish residents in Israel) are on the front line as militant Islamic groups spread their influence and teachings across the map of the Middle East. These Islamic movements are already operating in the disputed territories (the West Bank) and Gaza, as well as in the surrounding nations of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. There is a fear that they will extend their objectives to reach into Israel itself. In the ongoing crisis in Gaza, the Western world has become obsessive about the concept of “proportionality”. As the casualty figures have mounted, there is sadly a greater number of deaths among the Gazan people. This means that Israel is cast in the media as the “Goliath”to Gaza’s “David". This has resulted in worldwide anti-Israel demonstrations which often overspill into violent anti-semitic rhetoric and action. Understandably fear and tension in the local Jewish communities follows. With all this in mind the staff and volunteers at Eagle Lodge as part of their daily devotions from Wednesday will add a time of prayer for the Middle East from 9.00 - 9.15 each morning. We will continue to pray for Israel and particularly for our CMJ staff in the four centres in Migdal, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, all of which are in range of Hamas rockets from Gaza. But I believe it is important that, as well as praying for the the Jewish people, we remember our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering intense persecution, along with other groups who do not subscribe to the radical strain of Islam followed by the jihadist organisations, 

We’d like to invite you to join us in prayer each morning from wherever you are. In such troubling times when events seem out of our control, the very best we can do is pray, knowing that the Lord hears our prayers and is gracious to answer them. Our focus should be for God’s protection and His peace for the persecuted, and for repentance among the aggressors. As you pray, try not to get caught up in the politics, but think of the people involved as individuals created in God’s image.  Below is a frame-work prayer guide which we will be using in the office.

Monday - Egypt and Sudan. Egypt is going through a time of political change. Currently trying to broker peace between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, and informally working with Israel to close-down the Hamas tunnel network. We should also remember the Sudanese people who are struggling with Al Shabab and have many persecuted people.

Tuesday- Africa. The Nigerian people who also have violent radical Islamic group Boko Haram persecuting the Christian community. Other African nations from Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia are still subject to internal violence despite reformations brought about by the so called Arab Spring.

Wednesday - Iraq and Syria - Pray for those affected by the “Islamic State”grouping in Iraq and Syria, as well as other radical groups.

Thursday- Lebanon, Syria and Iran - There is in fighting between Hezbollah and other factions that affects the Christian populations in Lebanon and Syria. Iran is widely believed to be a sponsor and supporter of several of the terror groups, as well as being a state persecutor of Christians. Pray for the persecuted church in all three nations

Friday- Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States - There are few Christians in these countries, but their attitude to the terror organisations and who they support shapes thinking across the Middle East. Pray for a change in attitudes and an openness to the gospel message.

We hope you will join with us each morning, but if the 9.00 to 9.15 slot is not convenient for you would you please take 15 minutes at a different time of the day?

Your prayers are all important whatever the time of day! It would be good to know how many of you are praying, so if you are led to join us please let us know at!

Paul Hames, Acting CEO

Praying for Israel

It is often hard to know how to pray most effectively for the situation in Israel. Rev David Pileggi, Rector of Christ Church, Jerusalem, has written some prayer points to help us pray in agreement with other Believers praying in the Land of Israel.
Click here for the Christ Church, Jerusalem Prayer Points.

Some people have been asking what they can do on a practical level to demonstrate support and love for people affected by the current conflict in Israel and Gaza. Click here to read practical suggestions as recommended by Rev David Pileggi, Rector of Christ Church, Jerusalem.



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Church Leader's Trip to Israel
From 19-27 February, 2015, Rev. Mark Madeley will be leading a special FAM tour for those in ministry, designed to prepare clergy or lay leaders to lead future trips, if they feel so called. "We will trace the life of Jesus from His home in Galilee to Jerusalem, giving particular attention to the First Century Jewish context in which Jesus lived. Our goal is a better understanding of Jesus' ministry and a better application of His teachings for us today. The tour will also include sites from the Old Testament as well as the history of modern Israel." Click here for more details...
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