Thank you for showing an interest in supporting CMJ UK, either on a regular basis or as you are able - the choice is entirely yours. We are honoured you have chosen to consider your level of interest, and appreciate all support you are able to offer CMJ UK.

Membership / Supportership

Membership entitles you to receive the full range of mailings from CMJ UK, including the UK and the Israel News and Views, the Prayer Focus magazine and the Olive Press Research Paper and costs only £25 per year (that’s less than £2.50 per month!). You will also have the right to vote at the AGM of the society and will be eligible to stand at the council elections. You will also receive a Membership Card.

We welcome new interest in CMJ and for any enquirers interested in finding out more about CMJ we will gladly send you the quarterly News & Views and Prayer Window for 12 months, after which time you are welcome to become members or choose to refresh your interest in our work.

Supporters of CMJ of all levels, come together to meet with like-minded people at the CMJ Annual Conference.

Prayer Support

There are many similes and metaphors used to describe the importance of prayer within ministries (Engine room and oxygen to name only two) but whatever means you might use to express it, we know that without the faithful prayers of our supporters, our work would be seriously hampered! There are a number of ways of supporting us in prayer. These include:

Prayer Focus and Prayer Window: we publish the three-monthly prayer Focus magazine which is distributed to our members only. This contains confidential information so is not for public distribution. We also publish a prayer window, which is freely available to any interested party, giving more general prayer requests in a daily format for regular prayer.

Emergency Prayer Line: this is by email and comprises two kinds of emails. On an intermittent basis, we send out prayer requests as they come in from our ministries in the UK and across the world. We always try to update our prayer warriors on the results of these situations – although some of them are ongoing! Using this same list, we send an email update of our work most Fridays. This includes details of what our team are up to during the forthcoming week as well as updates from the international CMJs. Most of our supporters are able to receive this by email but we are aware that some people do not have internet access, so there is the facility to join this emergency prayer line by snail mail. This involves sending some first class stamped addressed envelopes to CMJ Headquarters and we will print the update and any emergency request as they are issued.

Prayer Groups: we have a number of prayer groups across the country who meet on a regular basis to pray for the work of CMJ. If you would like to know if there is a prayer group in your area, please contact CMJ Headquarters.

Financial Support

We fully understand how tight finances can be, and want to reassure you that we don’t treat financial donations lightly. If you would like to make a donation to CMJ, either a regular Standing Order or a one-off donation, please visit our donations page.