CMJ Residential Kesher Course

Start: 3 Sep 2018 16:00

Finish: 7 Sep 2018 17:00

Venue Name: Cloverley Hall Christian Conference Centre

Address: Cloverley Hall Christian Conference Centre, Whitchurch, N. Shropshire. SY13 4PH

Cloverley Hall Christian Conference Centre, Whitchurch, N. Shropshire. SY13 4PH
Get connected to the Hebraic Roots of your Faith with our Residential Kesher Course.

Hosted by Jane Moxon with course leaders, Robin and Sue Aldridge. This homely conference centre is tucked away in the countryside of Shropshire. It offers large gardens and an indoor swimming pool.

Cost per person, four nights, full board including lunch on Friday, £220 standard room / en-suite add £28 per room.

To book or for more information contact the CMJ Office or 01623 883960 or sign up on Eventbrite

Ordnance Survey: O/S Sheet 243 – Reference 615372

By Rail: Whitchurch railway station is some 6 miles away from Cloverley and is approximately 18 minutes train journey from Crewe which is a major hub in the country’s rail network. To get to Cloverley from Whitchurch, we recommend booking a taxi as there is no bus service to Calverhall.

We do the Kesher Course in 9 sessions over five days in a beautiful residential setting –this year at Cloverley Hall in Shropshire. The sessions are spread over five days starting after dinner on Monday 3rd September with evening and morning sessions until the final session on Friday afternoon. This leaves the other afternoons free to relax in the grounds of Cloverley Hall or swim in the pool.

Each meeting starts with a word study where we take one Hebrew word, often familiar to us, such as ‘ Amen.’ We look at the meaning of that word and since all Hebrew words have a three letter root, around which a number of different words may be formed there’s a breadth and depth of meaning to the word that we don’t have in English, where we have thousands more words and use them more precisely. The words studied in the Kesher Course are these: Kesher, Yeshua, Mashiach, Torah, YHWH, Halleluyah, Chesed, Kadosh, Shalom, Amen.

The Main Talk follows the short word study and this is a list of the sessions:

The Jewishness of Jesus Jesus the Rabbi Jesus the Messiah The Jewishness of the Scriptures Salvation is from the Jews The Great Divide Anti-Semitism Physical Restoration and Rebirth of Israel Israel: Prophecy Fulfilled Israel Today and Tomorrow

New material has been added to the Kesher Course and Robin & Sue Aldridge present each course with insight and enthusiasm.


Monday 3rd September
7.30pm – The Jewishness of Jesus

Tuesday 4th September
9.45am – Jesus the Rabbi
7.30pm – Jesus the Messiah

Wednesday 5th September
9.45am – The Jewishness of the Scriptures
7.30pm – Salvation is from the Jews

Thursday 6th September
9.45am – The Great Divide
7.30pm – Anti-Semitism

Friday 7th September
9.45am – Physical Restoration and Rebirth of Israel & - Israel: Prophecy Fulfilled