200 year anniversary for Lewis Way

Start: 13 Oct 2018 11:00

Finish: 13 Oct 2018 16:00

Venue Name: St Pauls Chapel, Stansted Park

Address: St Paul’s Chapel, Stansted House and Grounds, Rowlands Castle, Hampshire PO9 6DX

St Pauls Chapel Stansted Park
A very special invitation to St. Paul’s Chapel, Stansted Park, Rowlands Castle.

On Saturday 13th October a special event is taking place to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the meeting of Lewis Way (from Stansted Park) and the Czar of Russia. The result of this meeting significantly advanced the Jewish hope for a homeland and led to the Balfour Declaration.

The event is hosted in the historic St Paul’s Chapel, situated within the beauty of Stansted Park.

It starts at 11.00 and ends at 4pm. The Pavilion Tea Rooms and farm shop will be open from 9am to 5pm. During the event three talks will be presented:

  • Dr. Richard Harvey (A Messianic Jewish Theologian) will present ‘From Russia with Love’- How Lewis Way fired the imagination of the Czar of Russia to allow the Jewish People to return to the Land of Israel.
  • Rodney Curtis (Historian and writer) will present ‘The Forgotten Way’- Lewis Way and Jewish Emancipation.
  • Rev. Alex Jacob (CEO of CMJ UK) will present ‘Money, Money, Money’- Lewis Way and the work of The Church’s Ministry among Jewish People.
  • We also hope to have a testimony from a Jewish Messianic Believer and news about a new Lewis Way exhibition at St. Paul’s Chapel.

The event is free of charge. A bookstall will be available.

Food and drinks can be purchased from the Pavilion Tea Rooms.

For more information please phone 01623 883960 or 01444 413797.

200 year anniversary for Lewis Way