CMJ UK Prayer Meeting on Zoom with guest Chaim Malespin from the Aliyah Return Center

You are invited to join us for our regular CMJ UK Prayer Meeting on Zoom. This week, our guest will be Chaim Malespin, CoFounder/Director of Operations of the Aliyah Return Center

This link will to take you to the Zoom meeting:

Meeting ID: 982 3365 9200
Password: 855449

Some further information about our guest:

Chaim made Aliyah from the USA to Israel in 1999 with his family Of 8 when he was fifteen years old.

When His family arrived for the first time on a plane to Israel, they made the often challenging immigration transition.

Chaim served in the IDF in the elite unit of the engineering elite corp for his mandatory three years, defending Israel in a couple of wars, and after which as a master sergeant, received his honorable discharge.

After some travels, he returned to Israel and studied at the prestigious IDC University in Herzliya for his BA in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy. After his graduation, he moved up north to the Galilee to start a charity with his wife and children some years ago where he partnered together with Dean Bye, in starting up an organization that fulfills bible prophecy, and invites Nations from across the globe to participate, called the Aliyah Return Center: starting in Tiberias with a 11 room guest house, he expanded through the generosity of lovers of Israel from all over the world, to renovate a multi-purpose bless Israel facility: Housing for new immigrants, Lone soldier lodging, Pre-Army academy, Agricultural school, Volunteer program, Prayer house etc, a 13 million shekel project, along the historic Jordan River, near the Sea of Galilee.

Things continued to expand with Clothing Distribution, food parcels, and the Discipleship school for training “Ambassadors“, building bridges globally for Israel.

Chaim also serves in the leadership of Kehilah Poriya, a local congregation.

He’s also a member of Tikkun International, serves on the board of Fields of Wheat nonprofit, A founding partner of Isralandgo LTD, founding member of the Christian agency for Israel nonprofit, The Vertical Galilee house of prayer as well co builder of the Altar or Prayer.

Together with his wife and children, they live in Tiberias Israel.

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