Conference 2020

The CMJ UK Conference 2020

2020 CMJ Conference Cancellation

It is with great sadness and disappointment that we have to tell you that due to the current UK epidemic of coronavirus and recent government advice, the 2020 CMJ Conference has been cancelled at The Hayes, Swanwick, Derbyshire.  BUT please read on and find out about our plans for a virtual mini 2020 CMJ Conference, the 2021 CMJ Conference and, of course, arrangements for deposits.

2020 Conference at Swanwick

This has never been the outcome that any of us would have wanted and we are extremely disappointed.  We were so looking forward to welcoming Amir and a host of new workshop speakers, but most importantly welcoming almost 400 of you to share a weekend together in Bible study and all things CMJ.  For many of you this would have been your first CMJ Conference! 

The Hayes Conference Centre (part of the Christian Conference Trust) have shared the following:

“In light of recent Government advice about social distancing and non-essential travel, we have taken the difficult but necessary decision to close our centres from Monday 23rd March until Sunday 5th July 2020.  We really appreciate your understanding, support and patience in what are difficult times for us all.  As a Christian organisation we believe that prayer is important and we ask that you join us in praying at this time.”

Please pray for the Christian Conference Trust as this must be a very difficult time for the organisation and its staff.

2020 Virtual Conference Online

The annual Conference is such a great time for the CMJ family, new and old, to meet up, catch up and fill up spiritually and on the great food at The Hayes.  While this was never our intention to hold an online conference, we do believe that this year should not pass without at least one day set aside to share in God’s word and in the great work God is doing through CMJs in Israel, the UK and around the world.  That day will be Saturday 4th July 2020.  

We are can confirm the 2020 Virtual Conference will include to:

  • Report from CMJ Israel
  • Report from CMJ UK
  • Teaching by Amir Tsarfati

In addition, we hope to have presentations from a number of our Workshop speakers that will premiere throughout the day.  All CMJ Members will have free access (see below for other ‘free access’ options to the virtual Conference).  We look to God to bless all we are doing to bring the Conference to you.  Please pray for these arrangements to come together and to be to the glory of God.  We will share updates with you on this exciting development.



What about next year’s 2021 CMJ Conference?

The dates to keep free are 16th to 18th July 2021.  God willing, in a virus free world, we will be at The Hayes again.  They have kindly transferred our 2020 deposit to the 2021 booking.  We have invited Amir to be the speaker, but understandably he cannot confirm this at the moment, as he has a backlog of earlier commitments to also reschedule.  We will, of course, keep you updated on these developments also.  Please pray for Amir and his plans for speaking in the UK in 2021.

Your deposits and Conference fees

There are a number of options you might like to consider.

1. Roll over your 2020 booking to 2021 and we will honour the 2020 prices.  This will also give you free access to the online Conference on 4th July.

2. Donate all or part of your conference deposit/booking fee to Christ Church, Jerusalem & its Mercy Fund.  (Further information about the Mercy Fund can be found here. You would also have free access to the 2020 Virtual Conference online.

3. Take out CMJ Membership (£30) using some of your deposit.  This will give free access to the 2020 Virtual Conference online.  Any balance will be given to the Mercy Fund unless you request a refund of the balance.  See Membership form attached for details of how to take out Membership.

4. Request a refund in full (we will endeavour to do this by the end of May 2020).

Please send your preference(s) (1 to 4) to and we will acknowledge your request as we process it.  Please be patient with us as a number of staff are furloughed and our volunteers are also busy serving in the community at this difficult time.


The apostle Paul often used the phrase “Finally” in his isolated, socially distanced, prison letters to his friends in the churches.  These letters are still an encouragement to us today.  We pray that even in these isolated, socially distanced times you remain well and see opportunity to bless many, perhaps praying for the items listed above, sharing details of our 2020 virtual CMJ Conference or even booking for the 2021 Conference (16th – 18th July 2021).

Options for the Annual General Meeting are still being considered, details to be sent to Member separately and at a future time.

If you have further questions please email and we will do our best to respond to you within 10 working days.

Updates will be posted here on our website and on our Facebook page.

We look forward to you joining us at the virtual 2020 Conference, and in person from the 16th – 18th July 2021 at The Hayes, Swanwick. 

The Speaker - Amir Tsarfati

Amir Tsarfati was born in Israel and has lived there most of his life. He has been a tour guide in Israel for the last 20 years.

In 2001 he became Founder and President of Behold Israel – a non-profit organisation which provides worldwide real-time access to reliable sources of news and information about Israel from within the powerful context of Bible history and prophecy.

Amir is married to Miriam, and together they have four children.

Amir Tsarfati