This morning we have received emergency request from our staff in Jerusalem regarding the current wave of terror activity sweeping through Jerusalem.

Muslim leaders have declared today a day of rage, and there is much violence – a multiple shooting on a bus and several reported car rammings. The whole area is swarming with police and the IDF, some of them on horseback.

Jaffa Gate appeared to have been a bit of a hotspot earlier this morning (This is where CMJ’s Christ Church Jerusalem , Christ Church Guest House, Christ Church Coffee Shop, & Heritage Centre are located) and East Jerusalem (which is where the CMJ Sunshine School, Jerusalem is located) remains on lock down.

Please pray for all of those in Christ Church (Staff, Holiday makers, Volunteers, Visitors etc) that God will keep them safe.

Please also pray the violence will stop, and people will see the futility of what they are doing. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and especially for the light of Yeshua to shine forth in that city and that peace will come to all, Jew, Muslim and Christian alike.

Thank you for your prayers.

UPDATE (Midday) We’ve received news that relatives of a Christ Church member were killed and injured in this morning’s bus attack in south Jerusalem, Please pray for the comfort of the family. Please also pray for "S" currently in surgery.

Posted by Steph Gutmann on .