Alex Jacob recently visited Best Yeshua Messianic congregation to speak at their main 2017 conference and to join West Street Fellowship in Crewe for their Sunday service.

Maybe Gateshead, Crewe and Stockport are not as ‘Biblically impressive’ as Jerusalem, Samaria and the ends of the earth, however as I drove up the congested A1 towards Gateshead on Friday evening I felt I could identify with the ‘ends of the earth’ motif.

I had been invited by Beit Yeshua Messianic congregation (based in Gateshead) to speak at their main 2017 conference. This conference was hosted at the Emmanuel College and the College provided great facilities for all the conference activities. I presented two conference papers, first on “The Parting of the Ways” which explored the transition of Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism from Biblical Judaism. The second paper was titled “Jesus and Jerusalem” and this paper explored the significance of Jerusalem within the ministry of Jesus and concluded by looking at some core issues around the Second Coming of Jesus. Both of these talks were recorded and are available via the Beit Yeshua website.

In addition to these two main presentations I was joined with my colleague Jane Moxon and we concluded the teaching at the conference with a presentation on the history and present work of CMJ. Jane also provided a good CMJ resource table for this event. In total there were about 60 conference attendees including the leadership from Beit Yeshua.

Worship at the conference.

Leaving Gateshead on the Saturday evening I arrived in Crewe. I had been invited to preach at the West Street Fellowship and to share with them in their “Mission Sunday”. The fellowship is a lively mixed age congregation and about 150 were at the main morning service. I preached on the mission implications of Romans 1:16 and also shared with the children from the parable of the lost coin (Luke 15). Following a shared lunch, I spoke more about the current work of CMJ and took part in a good Q and A session in the afternoon.

From Crewe is what onwards to Stockport where I met with Jonathan (our Community Based Evangelist) to hear more about his on-going ministry and future plans. I enjoyed great Persian cooking and hospitality and was able to pray with Jonathan and his wife as they continue to seek and to serve the LORD within their unique callings. Also it was good to hear that they are expecting their first child ( a daughter)on the 11th January.

I arrived home in Balsham some 702 miles later to witness a wonderful red sky - maybe a sign of something, but not really sure. However, I am sure that this brief deputation trip had been important and it had strengthened our link with a key Messianic congregation, established a link with a new Church and provided pastoral encouragement to a key evangelist.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Shalom, Alex

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