I always believed in God, Creator of heaven and earth, all that’s in between, all that is seen and unseen. A God of great engineering, and brilliant design.

My name is Nadesh*, born to a Muslim Egyptian family living in Saudi Arabia. I grew up studying all about religion and, at the age of ten, I began reading about brain physiology, biochemistry, astronomy, and computer programming!

It was a no-brainer for me to look around me and come to one single obvious realisa- tion: God exists and is the one who engineered everything, from the smallest atom, to the largest galaxies and the visible universe, because all share the same design pattern.

I devoured everything that Is- lam had to offer, but as I grew older, and started navigating through life’s hurdles and struggles, I started to feel more of a disconnect with Islam. Nonetheless, I knew God didn’t give up on me. He snatched me from very difficult situations and helped me in my strug- gles. He answered my prayers (either directly or indirectly) and if he didn’t answer some of them, in hindsight, I realise it was for the best.

You guys changed my life, and helped me by bringing the light of Jesus Christ into my life

And with every prayer, with every struggle, my faith in God grew stronger and stronger, and I surrendered all my be- ing to him and to his will. But the gap between me and Islam grew wider by the day.

I moved to the UK mid-2015 with work. At the start of 2018, I decided to set a goal for my- self to pursue spiritual health and wellbeing. And I start- ed reading a bit more about Christianity, but from an Is- lamic perspective. It wasn’t a fair thing, but I needed to start somewhere.

A wellbeing festival was taking place in London. And I thought, why not? I’ve al- ways been seeking the truth about life. As I was wandering around the different stalls and trying workshops, I felt very out of place! Then I saw the word “Shalom” written in Eng- lish and also Hebrew letters (I recognised the Hebrew from my childhood).

I started asking him the questions that have always been in my mind, about Jesus

It just stopped me, and I walked straight to that stand, where Philip welcomed me with a warm smile. So, I asked him, what are you guys doing here? And I started asking him the questions that have always been in my mind, about Jesus, his nature, divinity, and why Jesus. I simply lost track of time when he was answering all these questions effortlessly. He offered to pray for me. Philip also gave me a copy of the New Testament, and rec- ommended that I go through Philippians and made a joke, “It’s not because my name is Philip!”

I now had a fresh start from a completely different perspec- tive. I did my homework, my reading, a bit of research. The following Sunday, I walked into an Anglican church and asked the vicar about the next Alpha course, and he answered, “For you, it starts next week!”

Fast forward three months, following a few email exchanges with Philip, asking Philip and my vicar loads and loads of questions, on a fine Sunday morning in September 2018, I was baptised in the name of Jesus Christ. And Philip was sitting in the front row of the church that day!

I’m indeed thankful to all the entire team who were working on that stand that day. You guys changed my life, and helped me by bringing the light of Jesus Christ into my life.

*Name has been changed.

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