It was with sadness that the CMJ team heard this week of the death of Dr Michael Eldridge. Michael was a faithful Christian and a loyal supporter of CMJ.

CMJ UK CEO Alex Jacob writes:

I first met Michael in 2006, and was immediately impressed by his kind demeanour, his deep faith and outstanding intellect. I was so pleased (and reassured!) that he agreed to be my co-editor for the Olive Press Research Papers. Over the next eleven years Michael’s wisdom, charity and rigour helped significantly to promote the research papers and the wider advocacy of CMJ.

In addition to his editorial skills he wrote the very first research paper – “Has God Abandoned Israel for Good?” Replacement Theology Examined. He then followed this up with the following wide-ranging papers:

  • Churchill and the Jews - An Assessment of Two Recent Studies and Their Contemporary Relevance.
  • Charles Simeon and the Jewish People – The Warmest Place in His Heart.
  • Flawed Messiah - The Story of Sabbatai Sevi and Its Significance Today.
  • Whose Jewish Jesus? (Part 1) - The Jewish and Christian Retrievals of the Historical Jesus Contrasted.
  • Whose Jewish Jesus? (Part 2) - Three Voices in the Third Quest Compared.
  • Two Streams of Zionism and Their Contemporary Relevance.
  • Understanding Hasidic Jews (Part 1) The Challenge; General Observations.
  • Understanding Hasidic Jews” (Part 2) Origins; Distinctive Beliefs.

Before his final illness took hold he was working on a paper exploring the work of N.T Wright and how this relates to the understanding of Israel and Zionist philosophy.

(Most of these papers can be downloaded for free from the OPRP online archive)

In addition to his writing he was an active CMJ rep within his local Church, a good preacher, a generous benefactor and an evangelist. All who knew Michael will feel a sense of loss at this time, yet those who shared his love for Jesus will be strengthened by the fact that death is primarily a witness to the resurrection.

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