CMJ UK took a team over to Jerusalem to serve CMJ Israel at their annual Spring Fair

The 2018 Spring Fare at Christ Church was our 8th annual event and we consider it an honour to serve CMJ Israel in this way. What a fantastic, blessed and fun time we had leading our group of willing grafters who’s efforts raised raised almost £5,000 for the church’s mercy fund which supports Jerusalem’s elderly, terminally ill and even Iraqi refugee’s in Jordan! It’s tiring hard work in hot weather but someones got to do it eh?! This year we began our 2 week trip with 4 days touring in the Galilee taking our group around the biblical and historical sites and a lovely visit to Beit Bracha, CMJ’s prayer and retreat centre - heaven on earth! We drove to the very top of mount Bental which overlooks Syria where we were able to pray with visuals for the dire situation there. It’s always very moving. We relaxed with a bbq expertly put on for us by Dan Hickman and also enjoyed some leisurely shopping in Tiberias. Tim Meadows - a street pastor here in the UK - took advantage of a great opportunity to share his faith in Yeshuah with a busker down at the water front - pray for her!

Enjoy what Naomi, Tim, and Eurica have to say about their trip:

The experience of going to the CMJ Spring Fair for the first time was incredible. It’s the second time I’ve visited Israel within the space of a year and has blown me away both times. It’s a country that I have fallen in love with and which up to this point last year hadn’t even visited – and hardly even thought about outside the context of the bible.

From visiting historical biblical sights, to going to the border to pray for Syria, to meeting new people and hearing them tell their stories of how they came to faith, to sorting through so many generous donations for the Spring Fair, we had a blast!! It was a privilege to be part of the team. I loved getting to absorb the sights and sound of the community and culture both in the Galilee and up in Jerusalem – with lots of ‘retail evangelism’ and eating out thrown in 😉, and with a lovely day for Shabbat spent relaxing at the Dead sea thrown in too.

I love meeting new people and talking, one on one with them and hearing their stories. As a British Sign Language Interpreter, I never pass up the opportunity of chatting to Deaf people I bump into (and I always do meet someone). One afternoon when we had packed up work for the day I decided to pop to the coffee shop on the Christ Church compound to grab a drink before heading back to my room to get ready for the evening. Low and behold a Deaf couple were sat there chatting with some friends in the courtyard and they invited me to join them. The lady was from Portugal and the Gentleman from Amsterdam, they were visiting Jerusalem with friends who live in Tel Aviv. They had all met several years before whilst working together in Northern Israel. It was lovely to sit and chat with them, they asked me what I was doing there so I was able to share a little of the work we were there to do. None of them were believers but all of them commented on the tranquillity and peace they felt in the Christ Church compound right in the middle of the hubbub of the old city of Jerusalem. They said they loved the buildings and the church. Whilst the opportunity to sit and chat to them was relatively brief I can only pray that seeds were sown and that those seeds are watered and they come to faith one day. Another experience that blew me away was the connections that happen. Janey and Paul had arranged for a couple Warren, his wife and little girl to come and share their story one afternoon. They came with a friend Christina. The story of his journey was beautiful. Following that Janey, Christina and I were chatting. Christina was explaining that her mother had recently moved in live in the UK and was currently living in the Nottingham area. She then went on to say that her mother was living in the town I grew up in. When I told her this she said her mum lived just outside the town in a village – was blown away when she told me that it was the village that my mum moved to 9 years ago. She lives in the street between my mum and my brother. We are now in contact via WhatsApp.

The day of the Spring Fair was just as enjoyable as the rest of the trip. I loved the vibrancy and the buzz that it brought to the Christ Church compound. Seeing so many people from different culture and backgrounds was great. Many of them there to bag a bargain or just have fun, the buzz they brought was tangible. Hopefully some of them will have also gone home knowing a little bit more of the love of Jesus. Knowing that we don’t need to be from the same race, culture or even speak the same language to know and show that Jesus loves us. Hopefully some people will have had their eyes opened to that. I love that we can get to sew seeds to so many people in so many different ways. Sometimes the practical ways are the best. If just one person went home knowing and feeling a little of that then it was all worth it.

Naomi Oldham

This was the 6th Spring Fair I have had the opportunity to help with.  We always follow the same basic pattern of an English country fair but each one is different, such as the huge variety and amounts of goods donated. We often have to go out in the old Nissan van around the villages to collect the donations which is an adventure in itself! The staff and volunteers all help on the team. We interact with many different people during the week leading up to and especially on the day of the event.

We get the opportunity to answer many people’s questions about the Christ Church compound and what CMJ is al about. I’ve heard some wonderful testimonies of people coming to faith there. Several years ago whilst helping at a spring fare I made friends with a local Jewish man and we’re still friends to this day!

What an amazing opportunity to be on a mission in Israel, serving the Lord and raising thousands of pounds for the poor in Jerusalem, both Jews and Arabs.

Tim Meadows

Raising the flag in Jerusalem

My experience in Israel and Jerusalem

I often thought of going to Jerusalem but never thought I would be able to go, because I need someone to travel with. This all changed when Paul and Janey Hames visited Carley Evangelical church, Paul talked about CMJ work that they do each year, I feel I needed to help. It became reality when I paid for the flight and realised that I don’t like flying and I am very fussy with my food but I am now committed and this is in God hands. I joined the team of eight of us, now team GB 2018 I have a wonderful time in Israel and Jerusalem, to be able to visit places mentioned in the Bible is amazing. The second week at Christ Church in Jerusalem was very memorable and enjoyable the team work very well together. I enjoyed the Spring Fair, I had the opportunity to talk to a Jewish Lady from Jerusalem she said that “she and her husband travelled Europe but returned to Jerusalem a few weeks ago and trying to settling back, she went without any children and came back with two children” a 4 year old son and a baby girl. I asked her about her faith but she said she didn’t have one after we communicate she said it made her think about her believe because her children will be asking her question when they starting school. Another lady with one very thick dreadlock she’s from Jerusalem, she was looking for some Jewellery and was disappointed that she came late, I said she could next year, she said “she’s not going to be here next year” When I ask where she’s going? She said “she will be dead” when ask if she is ready to die? She wasn’t will to talk and said “no one understand depression”

I would love to go back again.

Eurica James

A Royal Guest!

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