Every Thursday, social media is alive with memories and historical accounts as people reflect back on their personal pasts, or more long term.

It is fascinating the wealth of history available to CMJ through our archives and records, that we thought we would share some of our past successes and challenges. So grab a drink and enjoy this week’s #tbt

One of the most fascinating aspects of working for an organisation like CMJ, which has been around since 1809, is to read through the journals and annuals of our forefathers

The picture above contains a quote from the December 1809 "Report of the Committee" which detailed some of the work we had been doing in our first year of conception. Working among the Jewish community of East London, predominantly in Brick Lane, where the "Jews Chapel*" was located, provided CMJ with the opportunity to rescue some of the poorest children and offer them a "hope and a future" by placing them in our charity school and educating them with skills suitable for secure employment.

Although our schools work in London may have closed as a result of the War, our passion to reach children and young people with the "hope and future" God offers has never faded. We have a 4 schools in Israel we support and partner with, including the Anglican International School, Jerusalem, the Sunshine school, Mekor HaTikvah School in Jerusalem and The Peniel Learning Center, Tiberius. These schools offer first class education, and have a Messianic element running through the foundation of what we are doing.

We praise God for the opportunities He has provided over the last 206 years to be love and compassion to children and their families.

*The Jews Chapel, 59 Brick Lane, Spitalfields, was first used as a Huguenot chapel, La Neuve Église (1743); the building was leased to LJS (CMJ) as the Jews’ Chapel (1809). We were priveledged to have built P"Palestine Place" so the building changed hands a few more times, including becoming Spitalfields Great Synagogue in 1897 (during this time 10,000 of the 14,000 inhabitants of the parish were Jewish). Currently the building on Brick Lane is a mosque, London Jamme Masjid.

Above the sundial on the front of the building reads an inscription: "Umbra sumus - we are shadows" (Psalm 144.4)

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