Our Youth Coordinator, Steph Cottam was invited to share her testimony at the Stratford Baptist Church Women’s Fellowship on Thursday 8th September.

Before the summer, the CMJ UK Head Office received a request from a lady who was looking for a Messianic Jewish Believer who could share their story with the Church’s Women’s Fellowship. Steph Cottam made arrangements with the fellowship leader to speak to them at the beginning of September.

She says, "It is always an incredible honour to be invited to share my story, and I find God does something different every time.

When I spoke to the ladies at Stratford Baptist Church, they were very warm and friendly; a couple of them already had connections with CMJ after attending our annual conference or had attended events at the Church of our President, Bishop David Evans.

I shared with them my "travelling backwards" story of reconnecting my Jewish heritage with my Christian faith. I’ve always had an interest in the Old Testament, and rooting it within the Jewish culture throws light on some of the Scriptural texts in ways which my westernized brain hadn’t noticed until I started trying to understand my heritage.

With it being a few days before Rosh Hashanah, and the Days of Repentance before Yom Kippur, this seemed like the most natural way to shed light on some of the teachings of Scripture in relation to the hope we all seek, in pursuing forgiveness and repentance, which is what this current Biblical festival is predominantly about. The hope that we will be OK. The hope that we will be acceptable to God. The hope that somehow this life will allow us to enter into the promise of eternal life with God, when He opens and closes His "Book of Life".

Obviously, as Believers in Yeshua, most of us know and accept that only through the sacrifice of God’s own Son, the Passover Lamb, do we find fullness in His gift of forgiveness and eternal life.

During the Jewish High Holidays, let’s pray for the "Peace of Jerusalem" and for the restoration of God’s people into His Kingdom through Yeshua. May this year even more Jewish people find shalom in the Messiah as their eyes are opened to the revelation of Who He is."

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