On Monday 18th January, our Youth Coordinator, Steph was invited to join Premier’s Maria Rodrigues, host of the week-day programme “Woman to Woman” to discuss the importance of the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.

I was invited to speak on the importance of understanding the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, by Maria just before Christmas, which is a brilliant opportunity - albeit a scary one!

Maria had wanted us to focus on the Biblical Feasts and Festivals, particularly Purim as it is approaching next month. When did it start? Why do Jewish people celebrate it? What do they do? It was great to be able to share the importance of this festival which was decreed by Mordedai (Esther 9) as a reminder from generation to generation of God’s protection of His people.

I was also able to share my own personal testimony as someone who is of Jewish heritage, and what this means in terms of reading and understanding the Scriptures. One of the comments we had on Twitter following the programme was in relation to my passion and excitement for the Hebrew Scriptures - AKA the Old Testament. I’m really glad this came across, as I genuinely would love for all young people to have a real passion about reading the Hebrew Scriptures and not just ignore them. There is so much we have to learn from the origins of our Christian faith…and the way I see it, what is good enough for Yeshua, is good enough for His Body!

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