Equipped with guitars, their best carol singing voices, twinkly lights and a range of other items to draw attention to themselves, Paul & Janey had a great time with the JET team in London’s Covent Garden.

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Paul and Janey write about their outreach experiences on Sunday: “We met with the rest of the JET team in Covent Garden - and after prayer for genuine encounters, we were all raring to go!

Equipped with guitars, our best carol singing voices, twinkly lights, Hannukah gelt, warm mince pies and lots of festive literature we began singing and handing out our goodies! We were just about to launch into “O come all ye faithful” when a woman came and faced me full on and said, “You have to stop this singing, I’m trying to work on my dissertation and you’re distracting me!” I thought to myself, “this is one of the noisiest streets in London and we’re distracting you?” She was clearly very distressed though and after failing to negotiate us even singing one song every half hour, we blessed her by shutting up!

But we only stopped singing out loud, as we continued to worship in song ‘under our breath’ whilst engaging on conversations with people passing by. Almost immediately a man appeared and was right in my face shouting, blaspheming and swearing about God and Christians, and how we’re all a bunch of bleep bleep hypocrites etc!

He had clearly fallen on hard times, and after a lot of shouting he eventually allowed me to respond. I asked him one question, “Can I take you for a meal?” He was speechless - well almost! Along with another JET member we found a nice Italian restaurant and while eating we listened to A’s story which involved rejection by his father, drugs, homelessness and so he was consumed with unforgiveness - hence the anger and rage I had experienced earlier. He told us that no-one notices him as walks the ‘lonely’ streets of London. Of course we helped him with some of the practical issues he faced with accommodation etc but the best gift we could give to him was explaining that through Jesus, when we forgive others, we receive freedom from the bitterness and hatred it breeds in us. He genuinely responded to this with many tears and right there in the restaurant he gladly received prayer for help and salvation!

We exchanged contact details and I hope to be in touch with him. We thank God for this precious redeemed man for whom Christ died - one of the many genuine encounters we had prayed would happen!

God certainly answered your prayers and ours. We spoke with many lovely people, including several Jewish people, a lapsed Roman catholic, a Unitarian, Greek Orthodox - the list goes on!

Planted seeds will at some point begin to germinate, and we also had the great privilege of harvesting ‘A’ for the Lord!

Please pray for all the other conversations we had on Sunday, that the good news we shared will have fallen on fertile ground!

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