At CMJ UK, we are blessed by our army of volunteers who help to make the running of the CMJ head office smooth! It’s always sad to see one of them go, but we know God is leading Roger into an amazing adventure.

Alan (left) and Alex (right) bid our volunteer Roger (centre) well with cake, as he begins a new chapter in his life.

Back in 2009 a fresh-faced new volunteer took the step to offer his assistance at the CMJ Head Office. His passion for history and the archive materials, made the requests for research we often receive, easier to deal with - when you have someone who loves to delve through our historical resources, this allows others to focus on what they enjoy, while utilising the gift and skills we have been blessed with.

Roger says, “I have enjoyed my time with CMJ. It has been very satisfying being involved, even in a small way, in helping God’s Chosen People.”

Although we will miss Roger, his big smile and regular prayerful encouragement, we know God is leading him into a new amazing adventure. It just goes to show that with God, there is no age limit to when He will begin a new work, and there is no such thing as being too old to start something new.

Enjoy your new course, Roger!

Posted by Phil Bowell on .