CMJ UK is honoured to be hosting our annual Kesher course, which started yesterday (Monday 14th September) at Tapnell Manor on the Isle of Wight.

Please pray for those who are currently in attendance at the CMJ residential Kesher course, which is being held at Tapnell Manor on the Isle of Wight this week.

The Kesher Course was developed by Christian Friends of Israel (CFI) and looks at the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and the place of Israel in God’s purposes today and promises to:

  • Enrich your understanding of Jesus and the Bible Deepen your trust in God’s faithfulness Give you a better understanding of current events in the Middle East

Please pray for the Course leaders, Robin & Sue Aldridge, Course hosts, Jane Moxon and Jacki Turnbull, and all those who are participating on this year’s course. May the gain more than a deeper understanding of the Scriptures, may they gain a deeper understanding of God’s heart and a sense of refreshing in His presence.

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