On 18th December 2010, Kristine Luken was brutally murdered as she walked with her friend Kay in the woods near Jerusalem. The staff of CMJ UK fondly remember her on the fifth anniversary of her death.

Kristine was only a part of our team for around a year but we celebrated how the Lord broke through the red tape to bring her from America to serve as the administration assistant at CMJ UK. Her ready smile and her compassionate heart were outshone only by her love for God and her passion to serve Him in whatever way she could. This morning, Alex led us in a short memorial service for her and we prayed for Kay, her friend who miraculously survived the attack. We prayed for Kay, for her complete healing from the effects of the attack and for Kristine’s family, who will still be grieving the loss of this gentle and loving person who was suddenly and violently taken from this world. We are comforted as we know that she is in the arms of her beloved Saviour.

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