On August 25th, CMJ reported on the prayer initiative which was due to be held at Christ Church, Jerusalem in early September. Here is a short reflection on this event by one of the organisers who attended.

To friends of Israel and intercessors in the United Kingdom!

On September 5, 2016 I had the privilege to participate at a very special service in Christ Church, Jerusalem: It was a service of repentance and reconciliation first to God ALMIGHTY for the breakup of HIS common Protestant Bishopric initiated by Him between PRUSSIA and UK in the 1830s. After Germans and Britons repented to our Father for breaking this Bishopric in 1888, we prayed for the restoration of the common calling of UK and Germany to together as Father planned, be His prophetic blessing for Israel.

This service was initiated by an Australian intercessor from the UK, Marilyn Keenan. It was under the spiritual leadership of Canon Andrew White, in partnership with Rev. Dr. Petra Heldt from the Evangelische Kirsche Berlin Brandenburg (living in Jerusalem) and Harald Eckert (Global Prayer Call). Andraes Bauer from Jerusalemgemeinde in Berlin, Messianic pastor Benjamin Berger from Christ Church were present and Benjamin, together with Canon White and Rev. Heldt conducted the communion.

In the preparation for this service Harald Eckert and Petra Heldt contacted the great-great-grandson of the last German Kaiser (emperor), HM Prince Philip Kiril Preußen. We knew each other from a repentance service in Auguste-Viktoria-Church in Jerusalem in March 2014, where in a similar kind of service he repented for the sins of his great-great grandfather, namely building an alliance with the Sultan (against Herzel and against UK, amongst other motivations) and bearing a decisive responsibility for World War I. In a special letter to those present at Christ Church he built a bridge between both events which strengthened the German expression of repentance in a unique way.

As for the future, I am especially grateful that this milestone took place before the year 2017 and the Jewish year 5777. Amongst other important historically and prophetically relevant dates, we are approaching the 50th anniversary of the re-unification of Jerusalem (May 24 2017 is Jerusalem-Day) and the 100th anniversary of General Allenby’s entry into Jerusalem and the Balfour Declaration. My sense is that repentance, reconciliation and a growing unity between UK and Germany, starting from the intercessory dimension, has relevance for those two events – as a blessing to Israel and as a message for the nations, including our two. Let us pray together that the Lord reveals, in growing clarity to some of us, what He carries in His heart for 2017/5777.

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord in the UK, dear intercessors, greetings in the name of Jesus and blessings from out of Jerusalem, where I am writing this letter.

Harald Eckert (Global Prayer Call; founding director)

PS: Last year, 2015, we – the Global Prayer Call – had our first two conferences, one in Cracow / Auschwitz in January and one in Jerusalem in May. The British delegation was amongst the strongest on both events. I want to thank you and commend you for that! In May 2017 we will have our next GPC conference in Jerusalem (May 22-26) around Yom Yerushalaim – Jerusalem-Day at the occasion of the 50th anniversary of re-united Jewish Jerusalem. You are warmly invited!

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