Book Rev Alex Jacob (CEO CMJ UK) to speak at your church

Rev Alex Jacob (CEO CMJ UK) has regularly preached in various Church settings over the past 12 years with CMJ mainly across the UK, but also in Israel, Australia, USA and Hong Kong. Sometimes these Churches are already supporting Churches of CMJ, while others are new to hearing about CMJ and the key ministry work CMJ carries out in the UK and Israel. In either case Alex is always pleased to be invited to preach and will be happy to preach from the lectionary readings, or to bring a specific CMJ message, or to address an issue specifically requested by the host Church.

Often Churches have asked Alex to preach on their ‘missionary Sundays’ yet Alex’s preaching ministry is fully relevant to any date in the Church calendar.

As we look at 2018 dates Alex is currently free to accept invitations on any Sunday throughout June, September and October.

If you wish to make an invitation or if you require further information please e-mail Alex.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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