Please pray for those who have joined the Reshet Ministries tour, which is being led by Paul and Janey Hames.

Paul and Janey Hames left the UK this morning to lead a group of people who had signed up for a tour of Israel with our friends Reshet Ministries. This is the fourth year Reshet Ministries has taken a group, and invited Paul and Janey to lead them. Each year has been an incredible encouragement for those on the trip, as well as former CMJ colleagues.

According to the Facebook post this morning, the trip has already started with its challenges, with one couple thinking the tour started tomorrow instead of today, one guy leaving his bag at security, one lady forgetting to book in her suitcase, and the tour leaders forgetting their Bibles.

And to top it all off, according to the CMJ Christ Church page, a sand storm has hit Israel quite badly this morning, expecting to linger into tomorrow, which is having an affect on those with breathing difficulties, as well as obscuring the wonderful sights of Israel. Photo is from the Christ Church page and shows the front entrance to the Christ Church compound.

Please pray for the team currently on tour, especially for those who are visiting Israel for the first time, that in spite of the challenges, they will have a blessed trip and meet with God in a new, fresh revelation of His love for His people, and the purposes of each of them in these days.

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