Regularly throughout the spring and summer, a small team of local Christians, along with some key mission workers, engage in street evangelism in the heart of Stamford Hill. CMJ’s Alex Jacob shares a bit about this important opportunity.

Engaging in conversations on the street can feel like the edge of a cliff to so many people!

Stamford Hill is a fairly mixed inner city area of North London with a large and well established Orthodox Jewish community. I have from time to time the privilege of joining this team in giving out a range of Christian literature, attempting to engage in conversation with passers- by and to answer any questions which may be asked.

The team are well prepared, prayerful and respectful as they seek to carry out this important witness. There is a well-stocked resource table (CMJ provides some of this material) which includes a range of Christian tracts, Bibles, and other resource information. Also surrounding the table there are many colourful National flags representing that the Gospel is for all people. Often the response is very low key but occasional there have been some ‘lively’ encounters and some helpful conversations.

I think this form of outreach is not easy for most of us, yet it has a key part to play within the wider witness of local Christians, Churches and Messianic congregations. Such ‘public’ witness can provide a bridge to those who would never visit a Church building or attend a Christian event.

Please continue to pray for this outreach and especially for the appropriate mix of sensitivity and boldness which is required.

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