Dear CMJ UK members, supporters and new 2019 contacts,

Not a tsunami, certainly, but a swelling tide which must not be ignored.

The concluding paragraph of a recent CMJ UK Olive Press Research Paper1 stated: “The pendulum of expectation and desolation had continued to swing forcefully in the 20th Century as it had in the first and almost every century in between. Messiahs and Fore-runners, protagonists and propagandists had come and gone, Judaism had burgeoned under Rabbinic, Kabbalistic and Zionist philosophies, but the desire to see Messiah Now is as strong as ever… Israel still seeks her true Messiah, pray her eyes will be opened.”

I believe that through the prayers, giving and actions of many Christians, eyes are being opened today in remarkable ways. The ministry of CMJ UK has always been a key part in this wider work of the Spirit.

As 2019 begins to unfold CMJ UK is fully committed to the following:

  • Excellent and innovative outreach work led by our two Community Based Evangelists who both report of many Jewish people responding to the Gospel.
  • Resourcing outreach at a number of “New Age Events” where the Gospel penetrates the hearts of seekers, both Jew and Gentile.
  • Delivering the visually spectacular and educationally astute Bible Comes to Life Exhibition which is receiving great reviews and generating unprecedented demand to visit Churches and schools.
  • Resourcing and encouraging local Churches and leaders in Jewish outreach, often in key Jewish areas.
  • Equipping the Christian community to stand resolutely against the rising tide of anti-Semitism and advocating well for Israel often in difficult situations.
  • Engaging in pioneering theological reflection within Church, Bible College and University contexts and producing high-quality study resources.
  • Faithful Biblical teaching and preaching within Church and Messianic Jewish contexts drawing on the skills and gifting of CMJ UK staff and complimentary ministries.
  • Hosting an annual conference with well-resourced youth and children’s programmes.
  • Partnering in mission with our colleagues in CMJ Israel and helping bring many Jewish people into the orbit of God’s redeeming love.

As you can imagine, all of the above commitments have significant financial costs. Our current budget plans are under significant strain, but our desire is not to reduce the scope of our ministry when we sense the Spirit of God is at work. This Spring Appeal is one of only two times each year that CMJ UK will approach you directly and request a mission gift. Your gift to this appeal will, therefore, be a great encouragement to all the CMJ UK staff and trustees and will help us deliver our present commitments and plan new initiatives. Above all your gift will be part of the process which will result in eyes being opened!

On a personal note, I have had the privilege recently of ministering in five cities which all have vibrant Jewish communities — Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, London, Manchester and New York. In all these places (and many others) many Christians sense that a significant move of God is taking place. As one colleague stated; “This move of God is not a tsunami, certainly, but it is a swelling tide which must not be ignored.”

We share one third of gifts received with CMJ Israel. This is another way we strengthen different parts of the worldwide CMJ ministry. The more we are blessed, the more Israel is blessed. You are always welcome to channel your giving to specific aspects of our ministries.

As stated in previous appeal letters, gifts received will be used to support our budgeted mission commitments for the months ahead. However, if you want your gift to be directed to a specific CMJ UK project just let us know, and we will honour this.

If you wish to clarify any issues relating to this appeal letter, call CMJ UK on 01623 883960 or e-mail

Thank you for your partnership in the ministry and Shalom, Rev Alex Jacob Chief Executive Officer, CMJ UK

P.S.: We are grateful to Caroline Stanley sharing the following update on Don: Many of you will recall that Don was too ill to attend the 2016 UK Conference, which would have been his last as Director of CMJ Israel. He still feels robbed of being able to say a proper goodbye to all you wonderful ‘Poms’ who were so supportive. He had to undergo two weeks of tests in hospital in November last year. There were at least 6 fully qualified neuro-psychiatrists involved on the team, plus several in training. The results of the tests were the same as those done in 2016, so there were no new diagnoses to explain Don’s symptoms. While this wasn’t particularly good news, it wasn’t bad news either! Taking a positive stance, it meant there was nothing sinister to report, and for that we are very grateful. The professor suggested retesting in 12-18 months. In the meantime, he has suggested Don receive further help to address the constant anxiety and stress. In mid-December, Don also had an appointment with the ophthalmic surgeon who seemed guardedly satisfied with Don’s glaucoma condition, but did say that another operation may be needed this year. Once again, thank you for all your prayerful support during last year, it meant more to us than you can possibly imagine. We would be extremely grateful for continued prayer throughout 2019. We pray that 2019 will be a blessed year for each of you.

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