Rev Alex Jacob is an excellent speaker and communicator. He is currently booking his diary for 2017, so if you are looking for a guest speaker for your service, click here.

Calling all Church leaders, Pulpit supply secretaries, CME coordinators:

2016-2017 Diary planning

Currently Alex Jacob (CEO CMJ UK) is confirming some appointments and currently has a number of free Sundays in which he would be delighted to be invited to preach at a Sunday worship meeting.

If you are a CMJ supporting Church, or a Church which would like to find out more about the ministry of CMJ, why not invite Alex to your congregation. Alex will be pleased to speak directly about CMJ, address the lectionary reading of the day, or discuss with the Church leadership if there is a particular teaching theme or evangelistic opportunity you would like to address.

In addition to a Sunday preach, Alex is available midweek for training or teaching events, ideally suited for leaders’ groups as part of their Continuing Ministerial Education (CME) or Post-Ordination training requirements.

Please contact Alex to explore teaching themes etc. on or telephone Alex on 01623 883960 or 01223 894996.

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