Kelvin Crombie speaks in the historic River Room at the House of Lords

Yesterday evening the beautiful and historic ‘River Room’ in the Palace of Westminster was packed with many Christian and Jewish leaders and community representatives in order to listen to Kelvin Crombie speak on his new research DVD and book "Gallipoli- the Road to Jerusalem". This was made possible by the kind invitation of Baroness Cox. Kelvin spoke for over an hour (without notes) and the response was very warm. The meeting was sponsored by CMJ and organised by Jane Moxon. I had the privilege of overseeing the evening. For me I am always trying to reflect theologically, for theology is not a dusty old academic discipline but is (or should be!) "faith seeking understanding". I always appreciate listening and learning from Kelvin, as he shows clearly the geo-political dimensions within God’s sovereign purposes- and thereby my theology is enriched.

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