Sixteen people gathered in the beautiful setting of Tapnell Farm to study the Kesher course under Robin and Sue Aldridge.

The setting was Tapnell Manor and on the day of our arrival, the wind was hammering at the door relentlessly. With several last minute bookings, there were sixteen people resident from Monday to Friday, aged from 2 years to over 70, including four muslim background believers. It was lovely to be joined by several Islanders during the week - especailly long standing CMJ supporters, who had run the course themselves in their home church and who loved being able to listen to the teaching rather than delivering it themselves.

There was a lovely sense of family amongst the participants from very early on. A number had travelled from the midlands on public transport so they were collected from the ferry - traffic was very heavy as the Isle of Wight festival had finished the previous weekend.

The teaching was scheduled for afternoons and evenings, leaving the mornings free to explore the immediate locality. Tapnell Farm recently added a cafe to its facilities and this was a common meeting place during the week.

Despite some fairly heavy rain and also strong winds, various trips to local beauty spots were enjoyed. Throughout the week, there would be smaller groups of people discussing the amazing teaching or sharing their own stories - the kitchen (graced by the heat of an aga cooker) was a favourite assembly place. Since I was duty cook for the week, I was privileged to share in some of these conversations.

Sue commented ‘It’s been a most unusual kesher for Robin and I - we’ve learned more than we have taught!’ This was because of the four muslim-background believers who shared their own wisdom, experiences and insight throughout the week. We were treated to four extra sessions throughout the week, on subjects such as astronomy (not to be confused with astrology!!!) and the Bible the effect of Islam in the UK and worship dance.

I was sad to have to leave before the final session, in order to catch the ferry.

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