At the end of July, David Pileggi, Rector of Christ Church was invited to speak to a group of leaders at Holy Trinity, Brompton. Accompanied by Jane Moxon, here are her reflections on this significant invitation.

It was good to attend a meeting that I hadn’t had to organise! However, my work for CMJ meant I could appreciate the amount of work that had gone into arranging the HTB week long holiday in July. Around 7,000 people of all ages were there - a true family group, with activities for all.

Rector David Pileggi and his wife, Carol, had a few days free after the annual CMJ UK Conference, before they were due to go to Poland to lead a tour on the Holocaust, so a group of us went to work organising David and Carol’s time in the UK.

Would it possible for HTB to give David a speaking slot at their annual week’s holiday, FOCUS - a suggestion put forward just a couple of weeks before? Surely, an organisation like HTB wouldn’t be able to do that even if they wanted - a programme for 7,000 people must be arranged at least a year in advance? Nor did we want to slope in and simply mingle, it seemed underhand. So, either we would go in on an official footing, or think about attending another year.

But our Spanish pastor friend in London was determined, and promptly called his whole church to pray and fast.

So it was we found ourselves in Wimborne at Focus for one day. It had been organised for David to meet Nicky Gumbel after that day’s morning meeting - our brief encounter lasted long enough for David to invite Nicky to visit Israel, and stay at Christ Church.

At lunchtime, an informal meeting had been arranged by one of the Youth workers, who herself is Jewish. Twenty-four people turned up, complete with their sandwiches, to listen to David as he spoke about the Middle East, reconciliation, and the Isaiah 19 Highway.

In that day there will be a Highway from Egypt to Assyria...Israel will be the third, along with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing on the earth. The Lord Almighty will bless them saying, ‘Blessed be Egypt my people, Assyria my handiwork and Israel my inheritance.’ Isaiah 19:23-25

This is to be a Peace Process which rises above the world’s attempts to bring peace in the Middle East and which have all failed. This is a Peace Process which works because it is centred on the Prince of Peace and made possible only through Him.

David is a co-founder of a conference called, ‘At the Crossroads,’ where Believers in Jesus from all these countries gather together. This Highway includes Egypt, Assyria and Israel and can only mean one thing; God has not finished with Israel. He is a Covenant-keeping God and for the 24 who gathered to eat their lunch, sitting on hay stacks that Monday afternoon at the HTB summer holiday camp, they certainly had Israel in Focus.

Jane Moxon
Head of Development CMJ UK

CMJ would like to thank HTB for being so gracious to us and allowing the meeting to take place and would like to tell you that I almost bought up the entire stock of Bear Grylls’ books in the HTB bookshop on my way out!

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