Alex Jacob spoke at the Hephzibah meeting in Cambridge hosted by Queen Edith’s Chapel on the evening of January 17th, and shares his thoughts of the evening.

This was the first Hephzibah meeting of 2017 and it was good to have some input from CMJ once again. In fact Alex and other CMJ speakers have been regular contributors to Hephzibah meetings over many years. The Hephzibah meetings provide a good monthly forum for a wide range of Christians to learn about God’s purposes for Israel and related issues.

Alex spoke on “Who is Jesus - some first steps in New Testament Christology”, and his talk was well received, leading to a useful question session at the end of the meeting.

Alex’s talk was largely based on his new book- “Walking an Ancient Path” (Available from the website shop page). About 30 people attended the meeting including a number of Church leaders.

If you would like to know more about Alex’s book, or about booking him to speak at your event, please contact the office on 01623 883960

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