On Saturday 27th March Aaron Eime, currently in the UK from CMJ Israel, led a Bible Study looking at the Jewish Prayer Book - the Psalms.

CMJ UK’s Jacki Turnbull was there to hear the insights Aaron shared from the Scriptures and says, “Aaron spoke brilliantly on the prayer book of the bible - the psalms. He explained that in Hebrew to pray is a reflexive verb - i.e. something we do to ourselves because God doesn’t need us to pray. He wants us to pray but WE need to pray! An old Jewish saying is: “If you are praying today because you prayed yesterday, you’re not really praying!” True prayer whether it is spontaneous or liturgical comes from the heart!”

CD’s are available of the talks Aaron gave while he was in the UK. To order a set of 4 CDs for £12 (Includes P&P), please call 01623 883960

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