Looking back at the history of CMJ, we pray for the Jewish community today to find Messiah Jesus for themselves.

During the 10 Days of Repentance leading up to Yom Kippur, we pray for the hearts and minds of Jewish people to be opened, so they would have revelation of the fullness of repentance we receive through Messiah Yeshua. Who knows how God can impact the world through someone who comes to faith in Him, such as this story of former Rabbi, Michael Solomon Alexander:

"As a young Rabbi, he was ignorant of the New Testament and knew nothing of Jesus except that many Jews had a violent prejudice against His name…. he noticed a poster advertising the local annual meeting of the "London Society for the Promoting Christianity among the Jews". The very title of the Society intrigued him and he asked his Jewish employer what it was all about. His employer was amazed that a man of his intelligence should be completely ignorant of Christianity and advised him to obtain a New Testament and study it…. An agonizing struggle began in the soul of the young Rabbi of Norwich…and before long, he came to definite faith in Christ Jesus as Saviour and Messiah… He went on to become the first Jewish Protestant Bishop of Jerusalem.

Upon his death, just four years after his Bishopric began, Michael Solomon Alexander’s widow received the following homage from 31 Jewish Christians in Jerusalem, ‘…we feel that we have lost not only a true father in Christ, but also a loving brother and most kind friend…He was a burning and shining light, and when he was raised to the highest dignity in the Church, he conferred the most conspicuous honour on our whole nation, but especially on the little band of Jewish Believers.’"

Extract from, Jewish Christian Leaders, written by George H. Stevens.

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