The annual reps conference started with a meal and ended having had a ‘feast!’

A Hebraic Perspective on the Parables of Jesus was our theme and Robert Sakr the guest speaker. We were treated to The Parable of the Prodigal Son, The Parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard and the Parable of the Wedding Feast all presented in ways we had never heard before. Jesus was ‘painted in colour’ as we began to understand His use of the Parable and how the comments He used would have totally arrested the 1st century Hebraic mind.

Robert also spoke on Why Arabism and Zionism can never be compatible and The History of Jordan and the Middle East. I had felt necessary for our reps to be better armed for the barrage of questions fired against us in these days of increasing anti-Semitism. As always we had our practical, this time a prayer walk in which we prayed for the Jewish people of Radlett and for their protection from all kinds of attack, verbal or otherwise. We enjoyed a visit to the United Synagogue in Radlett to see the refurbishments. We were shown round the synagogue and the huge new hall used for all sorts of functions. I thought the glass picture shown here was lovely but I particularly liked the tree of Remembrance in the entrance area again as a tree, this time with silver leaves, each with the name of one of their members who had died.

The recently refurbished United Synagogue in Radlett

The Reps had time to reflect and share. My talk, as usual, included additional resources to help the CMJ Reps with presentations in their churches / home groups/prayer groups.

The conference ended with much appreciation for the conference and our guest speaker. We had a good crowd of reps and also apologies from several stalwarts, kept away by illness. The group of active reps is growing and there is a good feeling of camaraderie! Since the conference two more reps join our ranks, Dave and Kathy Pick. They are excited to start helping CMJ in an official capacity. If this is something you think you might like to do let me tell you - it’s simple!

I have a list of reps who do what they can, where they are according to the time and gifts they have - couldn’t be much easier.

All you have to do is make CMJ known in your church through our literature and prayer board material. If the time is right you may like to host a Passover or help me organize a meeting in your church. In time maybe your minister would be interested in having The Bible Come to Life Exhibition or something else from the long list of things we can offer. Some reps hold the odd coffee morning or wine and cheese evening to promote the work of CMJ. Others are retired ministers themselves and can help with deputation work, speaking in churches with Hebraic Roots Bible teaching and also about CMJ. However, speaking about the work of CMJ could be something you could do in your home group or fellowship. I have lots of resources to help you and I would expect most people to start slowly. It’s great to have a CMJ presence in so many churches and we are grateful for those who make this happen.

If you are interested in becoming a CMJ Rep, please email Jane Moxon.

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