Over the weekend of 23rd - 25th October, CMJ joined the Jesus Experience Team at Alexandria Place for the Autumn New Age Festival, Mind Body Soul. This is one of our best opportunities to share the Gospel with people seeking spiritual truth.


These are some of the questions typical visitors to the London’s bi-annual New Age Festivals are asking. The mandate of the Jesus Experience Team is to point those who are seeking toward the True Answer, found in Yeshua.

“Are you hungry for something more, something intangible that you can’t quite put into words? Or perhaps you simply sense that there must be more to life than this? ‘The longest journey begins with a single step’ is an ancient, Chinese proverb attributed to the philosopher Lao-tzu (c 604-c 531 BCE). Take just one step today to explore your spiritual side. Those who get the most out of life are those who take time to think. So take time out, make yourself comfortable and consider what you read. Investing just ten minutes of your life now can bring eternal benefit.” Taken from The Jesus Experience website

It was a busy and productive time at the fair in October. one of ht e CMJ CBE’s had the opportunity to join the Jesus Experience Team once again, this year, as on previous occasions, we found many Jewish People searching for a spiritual connection, ended-up near our exhibition.

CMJ’s “Tania” shares about a few of the people she had the honour to speak with: “I had a long discussion with a very friendly Orthodox lady from Stamford Hill; she was very much in to kabbalah and believed in reincarnation. In our conversation she was adamant she didn’t want anything to do with the New Testament as it is her belief nothing should be added to Torah.

I had conversations with several Jewish ladies who are divorced and were seeking spiritually. It seemed that they were lonely and seeking friendship as well as spiritual answers. I hope to meet these ladies again in the next few weeks.

Someone from Christian Witness to Israel and I spoke with a Jewish couple in their 40s. The wife was into kabbalah, but they were interested in hearing about the need to ask Jesus in to be on the inside of our lives, and His Spirit connecting with ours. When they left us, they took some of the Gospel literature we offered to them.

Please pray with us for every single person who visited the Jesus Experience exhibition during the Autumn New Age Fair. These people are precious to God, and it is His desire that none should perish. May they see through the clouds of “spiritual smoke and incense” to the truth about the Messiah, and find their way to God through His Son, Jesus. May there be a stirring in their spirits of the Words of Life spoken over them by the Jesus Experience Team, which will lead them to accepting Jesus really is the ONLY WAY to God, eternal life and hope for the future.