CMJ Big House were also at Rugby Christian Fellowship!

CMJ Big House was invited to join Paul Hames as he ministered at Rugby Christian Fellowship. Our Youth coordinator, Steph Cottam spoke to the Youth group who meet on the Sunday using a clip of Youth Conference speaker, Chip Kendall.

Steph says, "We looked at the promise we have received through Jesus based on John 10:10. My challenge to the group was firstly, what is it about Jesus which attraacts you to Him, and secondly, why would you not want to share that with the people around you who you love and are friends with? The CMJ Youth Conference is a tool to help you invite your friends who wouldn’t normally come to Church, but who might be persuaded to go away for the weekend, enjoy a gig and a water fight."

From what some of the Young People in the group shared about "What is the hardest thing about being a Christian?" sharing our faith is right up there as being difficult to do… So let the FIRST EVER CMJ Big House Youth Conference help you achieve this… bring people along, and we - well, Chip - will share the great news about Jesus!

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