What do you do when you know you have to come up with something creative and engaging for children aged between 7 and 14 under the title, “A Daniel and Esther Experience”? A pantomime of course!

We paraphrased the two bible stories, and whilst writing the scripts noted the remarkable similarities between the two young biblical characters!

We took our dressing up clothes for the children to wear (crowns, black capes, and tea towels for the heads etc etc!) and as Paul read out the script dressed as Abraham (for some reason!) all the little actors embraced their roles passionately! Steph & Janey had also donned their lion outfits and were very scary as they jumped out from behind the scenes to gobble up poor Daniel! It’s funny how the baddies roles in these stories are always relished!! Lot’s of hissing for the baddies, cheering for the goodies and whistles for the beautiful queen Esther!

When we separated into our boys and girls groups afterwards we talked about how both the characters had faced incredibly difficult situations and how they had to be brave and to trust God and used the story to address the issues some of these children face today. One little girl said that she had been made to feel humiliated by her teacher because she was a Christian - how sad - and wrong! “Ma lasot" is a Hebrew word which means “what to do”? ”Please pray for these little ones as they face growing up in a very different society than we older ones had in our school days.

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