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In the meantime, here is what one of our Trustees, Liz Woods, had to say.

Why CMJ? 

It all started post-university when I had a fantastic year volunteering with CMJ in Israel.  Then, after teaching in the UK for a while, I found myself back in Israel for another 21 years, during which my love for and appreciation of both Jews and Arabs grew deeper.  I’m now back in the UK and have the privilege of serving on the CMJ UK Council. 

The New Testament talks about the Gospel being “First for the Jew, then for the Gentile” (Romans 1:16) and there is so much we Gentile Christians don’t really grasp without understanding its Old Testament/Jewish context.  CMJ directly addresses these issues and more. 

There are exciting things going on in CMJ and its great to be involved in what God is doing!

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