On Wednesday 14th September, our finance manager, Alan Bowell, turned 60. Well, we couldn’t allow the day to go past too quietly!

It is good to honour those around us - not just on their milestone birthdays - but in general. This is something we’re not always too good at doing, here in the West. But today, we paused in our day to honour Alan on his 60th birthday. He is an absolute blessing around the office, and great fun as he mutters away in his corner throughout the day. He has a sharp wit and dry sense of humour which brightens a long day!

So today, the surprises just kept on rolling!!

It all began the night before when Alan’s son made a surprise arrival while he and his wife were watching tele. Then when he arrived at work on the morning of his birthday, Alan found that his desk had been wrapped in paper, complete with 60th birthday signs and jokes. Then we had a “fake” birthday cake celebration at morning coffee (something we always do for our staff birthdays) which completely threw Alan off the scent of there being the grande finale of the surprise lunch. The whole team made their way to the coffee shop on site, hiding their cars in the car park, ready to sing happy birthday when he walked in.

The final act before heading back to our computers, was a special toast to the olde legend of the CMJ Finance Corner, and more cake!

It is good to celebrate the life God has blessed us with, and to honour the blessings of the Lord throughout our year. So Alan, may you know God’s blessing upon all you do, and may everything you put your hand to be blessed by Abba. From all of your colleagues at CMJ UK

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