Steph reviews the book, “Love Triangles” written by Messianic Jewish Believer, Bobbie Ann Cole. To find out if this is a book for your collection, read on.

I was privileged to be asked to read Bobbie Ann Cole’s book, Love Triangles with the view to providing an endorsement which was included in the final print:

One of the things I love about Israel is the way Ancient and Modern history collides with our present day history in a wonderful expression of God’s plan for His people. Here in Bobbie’s book are a number of stories woven together - from the Bible, from history, and from Bobbie’s own life - in a perfect demonstration of how Jesus the Jewish Messiah reaches through history to touch both ancient and modern people, as well as Bobbie, her husband, Butch, and those they met along the way.

As someone who has had the joy of visiting Israel, sharing in the reflections of Bobbie took me right back to my own encounter with the Land of the Jewish Messiah, and back to being among believers of all nations at Beit Immanuel, where I have also stayed, as a member of the CMJ Team in the UK. This meeting of like-minded people touched by the Spirit of God must be a foretaste of what heaven will be like?!

I think Bobbie’s book is absolutely important for the modern Church to gain an understanding of where our roots are embedded and how the Church without Israel isn’t God’s plan!

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